What is nagging in a relationship/marriage and how to stop it

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Nagging is always the cause of conflicts in a relationship/marriage. In a home where nagging is common, happiness and joy cannot co-habit there. The atmosphere is always very hot and the couple is under pressure. What is nagging in a relationship/marriage and how to stop it is recommended. Every couple who wants peace in their home must learn to communicate better and avoid nagging.

Things that nagging does in a marriage or relationship cannot be overemphasized. A nagging woman is a woman that is constantly harassing or pestering her husband to do something for her. In such a situation, she talks anyhow and carelessly.

It’s very important to learn how to suppress one’s emotions when angry. You should guide your utterances carefully at this time. If you let your emotions rule over you, especially during a heated argument with your spouse. There are some things you will say and you will regret later.

Nagging is a home destroyer

Even though you don’t mean what you are saying, remember some words are hurtful and very destructive. Those times when you expect your husband to help you to do something at home, but he didn’t. 

When you expect your husband to pick your children from school and he forgot completely and many ugly instances like that.

Effect of nagging

Can you remember how you have reacted to those circumstances? they were all seeds of nagging that is being manifested in you and you need to deal with it before it affects your home negatively and steals your happiness. Naging is the greatest relationship/marriage killer that can lead to divorce or separation. Many homes have been destroyed today because what nagging does in a marriage or relationship is more than what you can imagine. It starts little by little and before you know what is happening, you are out of your beautiful home.

Are you a nagging woman and you don’t realize it? Do you always have a crisis in your home because of your nagging behavior and you don’t know how to come out of it? Then here are some things that nagging does in a marriage or relationship and how to avoid them.

What nagging does

1. Constantly embarrassing your partner

You are embarrassing your partner when you are making a request that is not available at his disposal with constant repetition. Men generally don’t like to be hearing the same thing every time. You can save your energy to do something tangible in your home.

During the early age of my marriage, I used to nag but later, I stop being a nagging woman and started doing a lot of things myself without asking my husband for any assistance.

I’ve come to realize that nagging does not change a man but your patience and tolerance will make your partner do what you want not when you are constantly repeating your demand with abusive words. If you can avoid things that nagging does in a marriage or relationship, you will enjoy your home, because marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not to be managed.

2. A nagging woman will never appreciate her partner.

When you are nagging, you are exposing your partner’s weakness. You are finding your partner’s fault and by doing so, you are bringing him down instead of lifting him up. Nagging will blind your face to see or realize all the good things he has ever done.

When that man you didn’t appreciate gets appreciation from somewhere else is risky, his heart will be attracted to where he is much appreciated rather than continually abused and nagged.

Do you know that nagging ruins a relationship, so stop it and be a changed woman?

I encourage you to learn how to appreciate your spouse often, every time he does something, no matter how little it may be, and you will enjoy a long-lasting love in your home.

3. A nagging woman will push her partner away to another woman

When nagging is your habit, you’re simply pushing your partner away. Coming home to a nagging woman is tiring, and this leads to unhappiness. A man needs to come to a peaceful home after work, not a home that is always in a crisis.

When a man is constantly being nagged, he looks for his happiness elsewhere definitely in the hands of another woman.

It is good to be wise, when you avoid things that nagging does in a marriage or relationship, your partner cannot be snatched away by another woman. Remember it will be too late to cry when the head is cut off.

4. A nagging woman will never be satisfied

When you are nagging, there is nothing anyone else will do to satisfy you. It can affect everything around you because you are physically and emotionally down at all times. This can give you a bad name even at your working place, because of your nagging behavior.

5. A nagging woman will never be happy

When nagging is in your blood, you will never be a happy woman. You will easily get irritated without any reason. if you can avoid things that nagging does in a marriage or relationship, you will be a joyful woman.

6. A nagging woman can develop high blood pressure

Nagging as an attitude is not good for your health, you can develop high blood pressure. Do away with nagging and be healthy.

7. A nagging woman will destroy the good relationship of her husband with his friends.

When there is always trouble in your home, no one will like to come to such an environment. Good friends will be running away from you, even your partner. Remember you cannot live your life alone, you need some good friends to have a complete life, no one is an island.

8. A nagging woman will drive away helper of destiny from her home

Stop being a nagging woman because you will drive away all the people that can be of greater help to your home. When you are known to be a nagging woman, you will miss a lot of opportunities just because of your character. People that matter will not want to be associated with you and in the end, it’s you that will lose.

A nagging woman will lose honor, respect, and integrity even from her in-laws.

How to stop nagging

Manner of approach

You should learn the way you talk to your partner. You need to watch out for the tone of your voice whenever you want your partner to do something for you. Men generally don’t like their wives or partner to shout at top of their voices when they are talking to them. A good approach goes a long way to help you rather than nagging.

Send a reminder

Don’t be angry if your husband/partner forgets to do something. We’re human, remember you can do the same. Men don’t like those words like, I know you will forget, you will go back again. All these are commanding tones that women should get rid of.

This is what I personally do and it has really worked for me and stopped nagging. When my husband agree to do something for me and he forgot. This happens many times and instead for I to start shouting and picking a fight. I realized that I should help him out by sending a text reminder to him. Since I have been doing this, we are happy together and boost our relationship.


Learn to come up with a suggestion in a nice way rather than assign or impose a workload on him.

Body language

Your body language speaks very much of you. Like an adage says, action speaks louder than voice. When you want your partner to help you and you are been arrogant, then you should expect a negative result.

Stop allocating workload to your partner

Men don’t like it when you order them to do something at home. Men are the same all over the world, men enjoy sweet words, nice words from their wives or partner, not when they become authoritarian, which cannot yield a positive result.

You have to realize that, it’s your responsibility to take care of your home, your children, and even your husband.  If your husband will help you at home, it has to be voluntary and not a command. It is your attitude that will change him not your nagging.

Some women will even order their husband or partner in front of a visitor, men don’t like that. Even if your husband is helping you, must you command him in the presence of a visitor? That attitude alone can make him not help you again.

Men know when to help without being told. Don’t treat your husband like trash before another person, that can destroy the relationship between you and your husband. If you can apply the suggestions from what is nagging in a relationship/marriage and how to stop it. Your home will be like heaven on earth.

Know the best time to talk to your partner

Communication is an important tool in marriage. Instead of nagging, try to know when you can talk to your husband or partner and he will listen to you. You cannot be talking to a man that is just coming from work looking tired and you expect him to attend to your request immediately without giving him time to relax.

Some women will also be claiming that they went to work as well, I agree with you, but remember women have the grace and ability to do so many things than men even when they are tired.

When you want your husband to help you at home, stop repeating yourself over and over again, this cannot change anything rather than giving yourself unnecessary headaches.

When to talk and how to talk matter a lot, Communication at the right time will yield a tangible result. Do something new, when your partner sees that you have changed, in fact, you will be surprised at how he will be treating you and ready to help you, this will make you be a happier woman in your home

Surprise your husband with your action

Instead of nagging, about those things you are asking your husband to do for you, try to do it yourself. Since when you have been talking and shouting and nothing happened. Change your attitude, be happy, be kind, and change your mood. When you choose to do it yourself, you avoid being annoyed.

Encourage him if he does it partially

Men are like children, what you’ve been complaining about. If he does it a little, appreciate him, at least he will get better.

Limit your unrealistic expectation

There are a lot of things that your husband/partner will not help you to do or is not better at. When you understand this as a woman, it will enable you not to nag. You must drop the attitude, if I do this my husband/partner must do that. It is not healthy for a good home. Try to learn from what is nagging in a relationship/marriage and how to stop it. It will definitely limit your expectation from your partner.

Stop fixing time for the job

This is very important in a relationship. Avoid telling him when to help you. Men get irritated with this action.

Men also nag

I understand that men also nag, but the rate is quite very low and my focus is on women because you are the salt of your home. When you see a home that’s happy, it’s the handwork of a woman in that home. However, when you decide to stop nagging, your partner will also overcome nagging and things will work out together for your good in your home. I encourage you to make use of some tips on what is nagging in a relationship/marriage and how to stop it.

Determine to be a changed woman and leave nagging behind you because it does not profit anything in your home. Don’t let nagging drive you away from your beautiful marriage or relationship, so build your home with your words.

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