4 Ways On How To Raise Godly Children In Diaspora

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The primary goal of parenting is to raise God-fearing children into fully functional adults, who can take good care of themselves, helping others, and make a positive contribution to society. What is happening in the world today is a result of the kind of children that is being released into society. Therefore, this article focuses on how to raise Godly children in the diaspora, which is highly recommended for parents.

The role of a parent is sacred from God and children are its blessing. It’s a great privilege to be a parent even though there are also big challenges that are attached to it. Raising a God-fearing child comes with a huge price because it’s not automatic.

If our society is going to be much better than what it is now. Parents have major roles to play.

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Parenting challenges in the diaspora

Parenting in the diaspora is hard than what people think because there’re lots of factors that are involved. For example, the geographical location, culture, governmental system, language, civilization, technology, and much more. Parents that are immigrant needs to adjust to the new environment they find themselves.

Most parents that can’t change their ways of parenting are finding it tough than others. This has caused them a lot of problems in their new community and of course in the life of their children. Children are facing much pressure from the new society they find themselves in.

So, ways on how to raise godly children in the diaspora require prayer, love, discipline, and training. We need to apply godly parenting principles and ask for divine wisdom to raise our children in a foreign land. Meanwhile, when parents make use of these biblical guidelines, it helps to make parenting a bit easier.


Prayer is very key in a Christian home because we know the importance. We should always pray for our children and commit their ways into God’s hands. Prophesy into their lives and it will definitely come to pass.

There’s a need to sow a seed of prayers that will germinate into their future. This is one of the ways on how to raise godly children in the diaspora. Parenting requires a lot of guidance both physical and spiritual.

We can’t raise God-fearing children that will be useful by our own strength and wisdom. So we need God’s intervention and direction to make it work. The prayers of parents will go a long way throughout the child’s lifetime.

Moreso, we ought to remember that we’re just caregivers of our children, they belong to God. That’s why we need to play our role diligently for God to be glorified in the life of our children.

Unconditional love

Love is very great and powerful and it means a lot to every child. Love is the most essential factor in the ways on how to raise godly children, most especially in the diaspora.

Do you know that children always develop well and prosper when they feel loved by their parents? They feel secured and excel in whatever they do whenever they realized that their parents are always there and ready to sacrifice anything for them.

Show your children and let them know how much you love them no matter what. From my experience, children always cherish it when you praise them for every little thing they do. This boosts their morale and makes them happy.

Also, children enjoy it when we demonstrate our affection to them physically, for example, hugging, peeking, or even carrying them.

They feel on top of the world when they are been loved. Just imagine, this little attitude most especially from a father can prevent a young girl from being a victim of abuse outside the home.


Discipline is ordained by God. As the word of God says, He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to apply discipline when it is required. A child that we really love must be disciplined. Discipline and love, go hand-in-hand. We must apply the discipline a child needs at every stage of life.

If we neglect discipline, we are not doing the child any good, the child will think he’s doing the right thing even when he’s wrong because he’s not being punished for his wrong action. The consequences of doing the wrong things and not being corrected might be very costly in the nearest future.

When should we discipline a child? A child should be disciplined when disobeying, defiance, lying, bad attitudes, arguing, fighting with siblings, and much more. All these are offenses that a child should be corrected whenever it arises. If not corrected, it will become part of their personality in life.

Proverbs 29 verses 15 and 17 says, the rod of corrections impact wisdom but a child left for himself disgrace his mother. However, both parents have to agree and be on the same page when it comes to discipline. A mother must not be angry or furious when a father disciplines his child or vise versa. Discipline your children and they will give you peace and delight to your soul as they grow.

Correct with love

Meanwhile, we must correct them with love when they make mistakes. This does not mean we should be spanking them, like what many African parents were used to. Since spanking is not even allowed in the diaspora. However, children can be corrected in different ways,

Now we are in a modern world, digital age, we can deny them of some of their privileges and pleasures they enjoy such as their phones, tablets, computers, toys, etc. Children always like to play and have fun, by doing this, they can easily realize what they have done wrong, apologize and yield to correction.

We need to correct and discipline our children diligently on a regular basis. Research shows that children that are disciplined often always succeed more than over-pampered children. Discipline with love is one of the ways on how to raise godly children in the diaspora.


Home is the first training ground for every child. A child’s conduct should be paramount to the parent because it’s very important to God. God is expecting every parent to train their children in the way of the Lord.

Bible says, train up a child in the way he/she should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. When a child has good home training coupled with the fear of God. This type of child will bring glory to God, to the family, and society at large.

The best training that you can give to your child is to be a good example to them. Christian parents are role models to their children. You’re the bible that your children read every day even right from their early age, which in turn will have a practical impact on their lives as they grow old. However, children always remember and like to practice everything they have learned from their parents.

Importance of home training

Home is where children learn a lot of things such as manners, social skills, good attitudes, morals, and much more. How to get along with other people for example with siblings, an adage says charity begins at home.

Children are known by their actions, the way a child conducts him or herself reflects the type of home he or she comes from. However, sometimes people usually ask, who are your parents? when they see the way a child portrays himself or herself either positively or negatively.

When we follow biblical principles, it’s possible to raise a godly child that is polite and behaves well in the public. This also gives the parent peace of mind, when you train your child in the way of the Lord.

Meanwhile, there are some things that money can not buy for our children such as having a good attitude. We can not get it anywhere rather than teaching and training them every day. The kind of training children are getting from home is quite different from what they are getting from school. Therefore, home training is very paramount and important in every child’s life.

Avoid society training

As Christian parents, we must not allow society or social medial to help us to train our children. We must train our children in a proper way at home. A child that is being trained by society will have a negative experience because they’re always being exposed to the danger of society.

When children are fully grounded in the way of God, it will help them to face whatever challenges they encounter out there. This is one of the best ways to raise godly children in the diaspora.

The most important training that a child needs is to inculcate in them a good character and to plant the fear of God in them. Parenting requires patient, encouragement, perseverance, reinforcement, and repetition in order to achieve the golden goal of raising a God-fearing child.

We have to build values, morals, cultures, and the truth in the lives of our children, which will, in turn, help them to behave well and be obedient children in society.

However, in order to raise a godly child in the diaspora, everything we do for our children must be balanced with these important factors, our prayer, love, training, and discipline.

I encourage every parent to make use of the various ways on how to raise godly children in diaspora, and your children will be a good example unto many other children out there. Remember to pray, love, train, and discipline them. This will give you joy and happiness to see them fulfilling God’s purpose in their lives.

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