What A Woman Should Never Do In A Relationship

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When you are aware of things a woman should avoid in her relationship/marriage, it gives you more confidence in whatever you do, because every woman deserves to be happy and enjoy her relationship/marriage.

But for you to be happy as a woman, it lies in your hands because anything you desire, you can have.

However, if you desire to achieve greater height in your home, then there are things a woman should avoid in her relationship/marriage to be happy in totality.

Are you doing some things that normally make you sad in your marriage or relationship that you don’t really understand what they are? Do you desire to live a happier life and you don’t know how?

Then there are some things that women do that make them lose their happiness. If you can make use of these things a woman should avoid in her marriage/relationship, happiness is inevitable in your home.

5 things a woman should avoid in her relationship/marriage to be happy

1. Don’t live above your income

You should learn to live within your income. You should not be earning 100 dollars and be spending 180 dollars every month. This will make you always think about how to meet up with the money you are overspending and by doing so, you will be sad. Moreover, if you can apply things a woman should avoid in her relationship/marriage to be happy, every day will be a new level of joy in your home.

When you manage your income very well, happiness is sure for you in your home.

2. Buy only what you need, not what you want.

You should learn to discipline yourself. When you have the attitude of buying everything you want or whatever your eyes see, you will end up not being satisfied.

Because whenever you go out shopping, you will always see things that you don’t really need but many things will be attractive to you and you want to have them.

Many women cannot just close their eyes to some things, but you just have to because this attitude can affect you physically and emotionally and in turn have a negative impact both in your present and in your future. Suggestions from things a woman should avoid in her relationship/marriage to be happy will be a great help for the happiness you desire in your home.

You don’t necessarily need to buy new things that are in vogue or follow trends – cars, phones, designer bags/shoes, etc.

Also, You know that you don’t actually need them but you want to have them for whatever reason.

This can have a negative impact on your finances and your happiness.

Remember, every day is not a Christmas day and you cannot always afford to buy new things every time they are out. You can get inspiration from things a woman should avoid in her relationship/marriage to be happy and have enough savings for her home. 

Choose to be contented with what you have, because you deserve to be happy in your home.

3. Don’t be a copycat

This means that you shouldn’t live another person’s life. You should realize that what works out for A might not necessarily work out for B.

When you do not know the source of income of others, it’s very difficult to copy their lifestyle. You will continue to go out of your limit.

You will want to do what you are not supposed to do and the consequences might be very costly. Don’t do it, do not copy, be yourself, and live a happier life.

4. Don’t borrow or buy on credit

Don’t borrow what you cannot afford to pay except you are borrowing for investment purposes.

There is an adage that says, a borrower is a slave in the hands of the lender, and the lender is your boss.

This is actually true because whenever you see your borrower, your heart beats and you are afraid of them.

This will always disturb your happiness, whenever you remember how much you have owned and there is no means of paying back as promised especially if you are living in the same neighborhood as your creditor.

It can be so embarrassing anytime you see your creditor.

Choose to be happy in your home and cut your coat according to your size.

5. Avoid stress and get enough rest

Try to get rest as much as you can. This is very important to your body system. Stress affects you physically and emotionally. You cannot finish the work in the house one day, do what you can at each time, and don’t over-labor yourself.

When you are stressed, it makes you easily irritated and you snap at every little thing at home.

You become moody and unapproachable such that your husband and your children are scared to talk to you.

This will affect your happiness.

Remember, unhappiness is like a virus that is being spread to everyone around you. Happiness is free, choose it.

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  1. Thank use much for sharing. I agree with this totally. One must be content with what they have while working to achieve greater goals.


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