50 Lessons I Have Learned In Life And Breakthrough

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The lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough has helped me to see things in a different way and strengthen my faith that nothing is impossible only if you can make it happen.

Life is a teacher and it will continue to teach you every day as long as you are ready to keep learning without getting tired and every obstacle in life is a lesson that teaches you and makes you stronger.

Remember that life is in stages and as you are growing up you have a choice, the choice you make will determine your future and ultimately will be your own responsibility.

Moreover, at an early age in life, I came to realize that life is available only in the present and you have to make use of it. This has given me the courage and widen my knowledge with the lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough.

When you are born into this world, you never choose who will be your own parents but you just find yourself here with your parents and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it. However, lessons I have learned in the journey of life began here.

You have to make every day new for yourself since you cannot change your background and the life you had lived in the past, then you can start a new life afresh to have a better and fulfilling life ahead.

My background

I was born into a polygamous home and things were really difficult for us. I never knew my father because he died when I was still in the womb. So you can imagine how life would be without a father and I later grew up with my grandmother of blessed memory.

Also, I became independent right from my tender age and I started doing some petty jobs to earn some money and I was determined to become somebody in life even though it wasn’t easy, but with hard work and by the grace of God that led me to where I am today.

There is nothing that should limit you in life if you determine to do something to change your situation. Remember nobody is going to do anything for you if you don’t take a step of faith.

Your life is in your hands, it is your determination that will drive you through the ups and downs of life, if you can only start with the little you have, then you will have a testimony.

When people see that you are focused, determined, and hardworking, they are ready to help you no matter how little it may be. All those little assistance will bring you to your place of destiny.

50 Lessons I Have Learned In Life And breakthrough

Challenges of life

What are those things that can limit you? You don’t have a father or mother? Maybe nobody is ready to help you? Do you think you cannot do it? Have you been written off because of your background?

However, are you ready to live your life to the very best no matter the circumstances? then these lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough can be of great help and inspiration for you. 

Be determined to take a bold step to start with something, along the line God will place some helpers of destiny at every strategic stage of your life.

Here are the fifty lessons that life has taught me that changed and shaped my life.

Lessons of Life

1. Acknowledge God

Always acknowledge God in everything you do and do not lean on your own understanding. There is absolutely nothing you can achieve without God. Let God take the lead of your life.

2. Appreciation

Appreciate the people that God has put or place in every stage of your life because they are there for a purpose. You will meet a lot of people along the way, don’t abuse the opportunity because you will need good people to guide and direct you. Remember good people are not easy to come by.

3. Believe in yourself

Believe and say to yourself, you cannot fail when God is on your side, there is power in your confession. Remember you will face a lot of obstacles but you should have faith in God. Don’t wait for anybody to believe in your ability and dreams. If you can apply the lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough, success is sure for you.

However, believe in your dream and don’t let your present situation tells you how your future will look like.

4. Be independent

Never rely on people and never put your trust in anyone in life. One of the biggest lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough is that human beings are unpredictable and undependable because they can fail you at any time.

When a man promises you, he may change his mind overnight, you cannot blame them, that is a human being for you. Be strong and be independent, greater heights is ahead of you.

5. Disappointment

Always remember your family members may disappoint you at the time you needed them most, do not be angry at them because your help might not be in their hands. If you can make use of the lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough, you will be an overcomer.

6. Friends

Also, it is possible that your friends will make jest of you when things are going tough but be strong and try to encourage yourself. Remember not everyone who regards you as a friend is genuinely your friend. Those that laugh at you today are coming to celebrate with you later in life.

7. You are not alone

Do not be discouraged when no one seems to be on your side, remember that you are not alone, one with God is with the majority.

8. Determination

Always remember that whatever you desire in your heart, you can always have it. Trust in yourself that you are going to be who God wants you to be in life. Though it may take a long time it will surely come to pass.

You may experience disappointment at some point in life, but do not let that hold you down. Once you are determined to be great, no disappointment whatsoever will stop you from succeeding and achieving your goals in life.

9. Comparison

Don’t compare your life with others, you have no ideas of what their lives have been through or what goes on in their lives. Do not think that you are the only one that has issues, remember everyone in life has their own issue to battle with, it only comes in different ways.

10. Limitation

Remember that your background does not determine where you can reach in life. If you can apply the suggestions from the lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough, the sky is your limit. Letting go of the limitations you set for yourself will allow you to reach and achieve your dreams in life.

11. Avoid negativity

Always reject every negative utterance from people. Have you been told that what you are doing or intend to do is not for people like you? Are people looking down on you because of your situation/circumstances? However, they can only see today only God knows tomorrow.

12. Set goals

Learn to set goals and standards for yourself. Know that you are unique in your own way. You can achieve your vision if you set your goals for achieving them. Setting goals for yourself is a must if you want to succeed in life. If you don’t set goals, you’ll lack focus and directions.

Moreover, the fact that you are small today doesn’t mean you will not be greater tomorrow. You need to set your goals to know how to achieve them and with a lot of hard work, you’ll actually achieve your goals.

13. Ready to learn

When you are ready to learn new skills, it helps you to go higher. Learning is a continuous process, always grab the opportunity when it comes and you will reach your destiny.

14. Apology

Always learn to apologize and say sorry when you make a mistake. Also knows that nobody is above mistake.

15. Start again

Do not be discouraged to start again whenever you fail. That is one of the secrets of great people.

16. Never give up on your dream

You may get discouraged and people may tell you it will not work, but don’t listen to them, keep pressing on, however, it’s achievable only if you can take action and you will achieve your goal and your dream will come to reality in life.

I have realized this from lessons, I have learned in life and breakthrough that you can be anything you want to be no matter where you have been or what you have been through.

17. Humility

Do not look down on people, because you never know tomorrow. One of the lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough is that the people you didn’t value today might be the one to decide your success tomorrow, be humbled.

18. Be Responsible

Always accept your mistakes and learn from them. Take responsibility for everything you do and be ready to be answerable for all actions you take, stop shifting blames, though it might sound foolish in the beginning, the end will justify the means.

19. Be focused

Do not dwell in your past, leave your past behind, and move on. Your best is yet to come, if only you can see it, you can have it.

20. Forgiveness

Learn to forgive all the people that have wrong you because you too do offend others. Maybe you wouldn’t have been where you are today if not for what they did to you that pushes you forward and make you a better person.

If you can make use of lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough, you will not take anything personally when people offend you and you will forgive easily and let go.

21. Perfection

Do not be too judgemental because nobody is perfect. Always see yourself as an imperfect human being. You don’t walk in other people’s shoes to know what they are going through, so kindly refrain from judging others.

22. Envy

Do not envy others when they are making it so that you do not block your own chance. Rejoice with them, make them your role model, and be sure that you are on your way to success.

23. Help others

Be ready always to help others in whatever capacity you can. Always try to put a smile on the faces of others because one good turns deserve another. If only you can do this, you will never be stranded in life.

24. Challenges

Challenges will definitely come, When challenges or trials come, always look unto God. Don’t let the challenges of life hold you down on your dream, the way you handle it will determine how far you will go in life.

25. Seek help

Also learn to seek help when you are in need and be humbled, realize that nobody knows it all, and remember silence is the enemy of progress, don’t give it a chance.

26. Be happy

However, try to do what is always making you happy. Remember no one is in charge of your happiness except you. Life is too short, learn to celebrate yourself. I encourage you to apply lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough and happiness is sure for you

27. Don’t hate others

When someone refuses to help you, do not hold them accountable and hate them for that, maybe it is not convenient for them at that time.

Moreover, if they are not useful today, there is always another time, and never write anyone off. It’s part of the lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough. If you can emulate this attitude, someone will always be there for you.

28. Be ready to take a risk in life.

There are times you need to take a risk because life itself is a risk, remember without a story there will be no victory.

29. Hard work

In order for you to make it to the top in life, you must be ready to work hard. Hard work does not kill, it only makes you stronger. I encourage you to get inspiration from lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough, you will reach the top.

30. Aspiration

Do not settle for less in life, be ready to aspire for a greater height, however, it will always get better only if you aspire to fulfill your desired dreams in life.

31. Don’t forget your source

Always remember where you are coming from, this will guide you to reach where you are going to. Do not forget easily how you started, this is an inspiration for you to forge ahead.

32. Be focused.

Always stay focused, do not be distracted by challenges around. Moreover, they are just temporary, just stay on the right track, don’t be tired because you will soon get there.

33. Be reserved and be careful

You should always learn to keep your secret to yourself, remember not everyone around you is your friend. The secret you disclose today might expose you tomorrow.

34. Change

Learn to adjust to any situation you find yourself in because life is full of series of natural and spontaneous changes, do not resist them, always face the reality when it comes. however, remember no condition is permanent, if you can use lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough, better changes are coming your way.

34. Ironing of life

Remember that things do not actually go the way you want it, life only works 10 % of what you propose and 90% of how it turns out to be, so keep learning. What matters is how you make good use of your life.

35. Satisfaction

Always remember that you can never please everyone, just do what you can and clear your conscience and be happy. This is one of the important lessons, moreover, if you can apply lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough, you will be satisfied.

36. Reward

When you do good to someone, do not expect anything in return, because your reward might be coming from another end. When you know this, you will not get hurt and your expectations from people will be different.

37. Peace

Always make peace with everyone, though some people are difficult to handle just do your own part and leave the rest because it is healthy to live a peaceful life.

38. Trustworthy

Always try not to cheat or rub others of their right, be trustworthy, because the measure you use for others is coming back to you. If you can apply the lessons I have learned in life to be your guide, you will be successful in everything you do.

However, trustworthy people are the most successful people in life.

39. Honesty

Always try to be honest and transparent in whatever you do.

40. Recognition

You need to recognize your strength and weakness, this will help you to find what you are good at instead of doing things with try and error. I challenge you to make use of ideas from lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough, you will live a meaningful life.

41. Be yourself

Always remember to be real, do not live another person’s life, discover your potentials yourself, and activate it. However, if you want to be an extraordinary person in life, you need to make use of what its in your own hand.

43. Integrity

Always be a person of integrity, let people know you for your word. If you want to stand out in every area of your life, try to use the knowledge from lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough is your portion.

44. Encouragement

Be an encourager, be ready to encourage yourself in whatever you are doing that will help you to grow and be courageous.

45. Happiness

Always be happy with whatever you are doing and this will enable you to put all your best into it. When you are happy, however, people will like to associate with you not when you allow your situation to overwhelming you.

46. Accountable

Be accountable in every step you take, always be responsible for your decision, and be opened and loyal in life. If you can make use of these ideas in the lessons I have learned in life and breakthrough, promotion is awaiting you.

47. Decision

Always think twice before making a decision. However, today’s decision will determine how your future will be, so be wise. Don’t let your feelings rule your world.

48. Be passionate

Surround yourself with people that have the same passion as you, be passionate, and be committed to whatever you are doing. Commitment is one of the keys to success.

49. Expectation

When you are expecting something and it doesn’t come on time, don’t lose hope, wait patiently, because your set time is on the way. However, remember a delay is not a denial.

50. Never too late

Nothing is too late, too late is a language of failure, remember your future can start at any age, don’t ever let AGE limit you. Forget about age and start with a young feeling.

You need to keep learning every day because life never stops teaching someone. Life will give you a test that will teach you a lesson, so you need to make use of the lesson to better your life.

Remember everything you are passing through now is just a matter of time, you will laugh at last. Because your destiny is determined by your visions and your dreams.

I encourage you to apply those suggestions from lessons that I have learned in life and breakthrough. You will have a beautiful future ahead of you only if you can see it. Don’t give up, be courageous, and be determined, Remember IF I CAN THEN YOU CAN.

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