15 First Date Tips To Make Your Date Successful

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The first date can be very challenging and nervous for some people because of past experience. While for others, it seems like a game of uncertainty, and for some, can be a date of excitement and enthusiasm. Because they’re looking forward to meeting that handsome guy or that beautiful babe they’ve been chatting with. Therefore, 15 first date tips to make your date successful are highly recommended.

When you have an idea of what the first date should look like and plan toward it, it can be very fun and interesting for you.

How to avoid anxiety

Yes, it is possible to avoid all the anxiety and challenges when you apply the right strategy to the game. Do you remember the last date that caused you embarrassment? Maybe you’re curious about what to expect again? Maybe you’ve never been on a first date before and you’re nervous?

Be prepared

Prepare and practice what you intend to say. You can write them out if possible. Don’t use big grammar that will give a bad impression about you.

You need to be positive because many people find first dating so simple, easy, and fun. So you can be one of them.

Here are some wonderful tips that will make your first date a memorable one.

The right location is essential

Your choosing location matters a lot for the first date. It is good to choose a nice and low-pressure place. Where you can talk and get to know each other and see how you can connect better.

You don’t want to embarrass your date. Maybe immediately when you meet, there is no click and you know it’s not going to work. Since you’ve already ordered food, what will you do than feeling uncomfortable throughout your eating period?

When you’re planning a first date, you don’t want to go somewhere too fancy or too loud or someplace you can’t have a conversation (like a movie). The point of a first date is to see how well you connect with each other, so talking and enjoying each other’s company are important here.

Choose a neutral place

It’s better to go to a quiet and not too noisy environment like a local bar or nice coffee shop. Some people feel comfortable and more relaxed with a smooth conversation in a casual environment. Instead of choosing an expensive restaurant and your date will be thinking of what to wear in order to match up coupled with expensive food.

Moreover, extrovert people thrive well in a busy environment and can feel at home anywhere while the introvert is the direct opposite.

Prepare for an interactive conversation

It’s always good to prepare ahead of your first date if you have social anxiety or you’re nervous. It’s very common among people. I understand how one will think especially meeting someone special for the first time. But when you get prepared, it will ease your nerves and you will flow naturally as it ought to be.

For example, try to know some interesting topics and ask questions. Because women generally love to engage with a guy who asks some thoughtful questions that make them feel intelligent and smart and bring out the curiosity in them.

Avoid some sensitive questions

Learn to focus on some interesting and fun questions that are necessary for the first date. Ask questions that will make your date feel comfortable. The first date is purposeful to know each other. You need to avoid asking questions related to money and sex. Many people are not interested to know how much you earn or have in your account for the first date.

It’s not necessary, people count it as maybe you want to boost and get irritated. For you to have a successful date, things have to be done with maturity.

Avoid dominating the date

Remember that you’re on a date for a purpose. As long as you want to get to know her, she also wants to know you. Let the date be fun and engaging. Don’t dominate, give her space to also talk and express herself and vice versa. Some people like to talk which will take 70% of the entire dating date.

This can give a bad signal to the other person and thinks maybe you will not be a good listener if the relationship continues. They might want to opt-out just because of the domineering spirit.

Reflect and learn from past dates

It is always good to reflect on your past date and learn from them. You don’t need to dwell on the mistakes but rather see how you can avoid such re-occurrence. Try to focus on what you could have done better and improve on them. Don’t think maybe the problem is from you but be positive that this forthcoming date is going to work out.

According to Eric Ravenscraft, the writer at Lifehacker endured one too many bad dates and realized he had the power to create better experiences. He talks about making sure you’re bringing something to the table (rather than always expecting something from others first), learning to understand jealousy, and more.

Examine yourself

This reflection time is for you to examine yourself and how to be the best version of you that your date wants to see. Because you have the power to change things for the better.

Build a good first impression

It’s always good to create a first impression. People say the first impressions last long and I believe it. One of the best ways to do that is to smile. Smiling is a sign of happiness and shows that you’re happy to see your date and meet them for the first time. It’s a habit of loveable and likable people. It’s another great tip from 15 first date tips to make your date successful.

You need to wear that happy look for your date, and you will make them feel welcome and it’s part of the good vibe.

How do you present yourself?

The way you present yourself matters a lot, especially on the first date. how you present yourself is the way the other person will perceive you. So you need to know how that will be acceptable to others, just very simple and understandable. However, your presentation on both online dating and real life is quite essential. You need to prepare before and during a date which contributes immensely towards the success of your date.

Dress well and look good

Do you know that your dress constituent part of your presentation? Oh yes, even though it doesn’t need to be expensive but you need to look your best as usual. Dress appropriately and wear a nice perfume. You will like to meet your date looking nice and presentable, and vice versa. It’s also a means of attraction to your date.

Be aware of your body language

Your body language speaks volumes about you. Be careful with your verbal and non-verbal language. Because you communicate both with facial expression and body language. The way you react shows your date if you’re happy and interested in what they’re saying. If you’re pretending, it can also be read in your action.

Be open

When you fold your arm, sitting back and don’t want to make eye contact is a negative sign that you’re not interested and not feeling comfortable with your date. But when you’re interested and enjoying the conversation, let your date knows this both in words and in your body language. It’s another unique tip of 15 first date tips to make your date successful.

Don’t complicate things

It’s not necessary to plan for a perfect romantic dinner for someone you barely or newly know. The first date is unpredictable, so make it simple and short, and don’t complicate things by going out of your way to impress your date. However when you see how things go, then your plan for a cup of coffee can extend to lunch or dinner. It’s better that way and it’s one of the 15 first date tips to make your date successful.

first date tips

Be real to yourself

You should not see the first date as a competition that you must win them to your side. Don’t tell lies because you want them to be interested in you. Your lies will catch up with you later. So be true to yourself and don’t imitate. Be the real person that you are. Think of the way you can connect best and make them fall in love with you naturally rather than exaggerating and self-exaltation.

Avoid stressing yourself unnecessarily

It’s natural to be anxious on the first date but you can actually avoid it. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to mess up because that’s what too much stress does. Do you know that when you’re more relaxed? it makes your date feel comfortable around you. Avoid sitting directly and face your date instead sit at the right angle which is one of the best tips especially when you’re a shy person. It helps take away pressure off your shoulder and you will both enjoy the conversation.

Meet the person and reduce text messages

If you really want to know someone, meeting in real life is the best. Because online dating or text messages cannot be compared with face-to-face conversation. There are a lot of fakes out there. You may think you’ve been chatting with a talk guy who in real life is a very short guy. Or even a very fair beautiful lady who has a dark complexion in real life.

Best reasons

This is the reason why you must not waste too much time on the internet or texting. If you want to stand out on your first date, plan to meet facially. This is another wonderful trick of 15 first date tips to make your date successful. Because their facial expression, body language, and everything you need to see contribute if the date will continue or not.

Your date will be successful if you try to apply some of these lovely tips. You will always make reference to it because the first date will be one of its kind.

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