How To Build A Strong And Healthy Relationship

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Everybody loves to have a relationship that is working and one can be proud of. But building a healthy relationship is easier to say than done. It involves the two partners working together to make it work. How to build a strong and healthy relationship is recommended for every couple.

Are you struggling with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Are you looking for a way to improve your relationship? Do you think your relationship can not work with each other? Do you intend to quit right now? Are you always experiencing a breakup relationship and you don’t know why? I have some tips for you that can actually make things work better for both of you. These tips will help you to identify some of your mistakes and make necessary corrections.

How to build a strong and healthy relationship

When you understand what it takes to build a strong and healthy relationship, you will always take yours to the next level.

I encourage you to make use of these tips. You will definitely see a big change and make your relationship stronger and healthier.

Stop talking about your ex

You need to stop talking about your ex to your new boyfriend/girlfriend. My ex is like this or like that. What do they want to use the information you are given for? Since you’ve been sharing it, what have you gained from it? Your new baby or guy doesn’t need to know much about your ex. Mind you all what you’ve been telling him/her on a good day is what he/she will use against you on a bad day. You need to be wise.

When you keep mentioning your ex, it is like you’re missing him/her. I think since you’re no more together, enough of remembering him/her every time you’re with your new cash.

Spend quality time together

how to build a strong and healthy relationship

However, you should learn to spend quality time with your new partner. There are lots to talk about instead of opening the past wound all the time. It is like you’re remembering yourself of those bad memories. This is one of the best tips on how to build a strong and healthy relationship, so stop it.

Avoid comparison

This is very common among ladies please forgive me. Why must you compare your relationship with another couple? It is not good for your relationship. My friend’s boyfriend used to do this for her. He always takes her out to the restaurant, cinema, etc. Anyway, that’s what she told you. Do you know that some ladies do that in order to snash your own boyfriend? But if your boyfriend can not afford that, don’t crucify him for that. Be content with what you have and be happy.

Keep your secret

By the way, must you tell your friend everything about him? also vice versa. If you want your relationship to last long, this habit must be avoided. Remember even some ladies tell lies about their relationship, just because of envy. When they see that you’re doing well in your relationship, they are not happy for you. Learn to keep your secret to yourself. I encourage you to learn how to build a strong and healthy relationship. And your relationship will be envied of others.

Avoid comparison with your parent

This is very practical. There are some people, all that they are good at is to compare their partner with their parents. For example, this is how my father used to take care of my mother or vice versa. Remember those are old-school stories. You should not bring your parent’s affairs into your own relationship. That can not work rather than worsen the situation. Even though you can learn from them but not compare.

You need to build your own relationship and stop living your parent’s life while you are already living in another world. I watched a program on tv, it’s about therapy for couples that are having issues. A lady was telling her boyfriend that, my father used to buy expensive things for my mum and I expect my own boyfriend to do the same. The guy just walked away and that was the end of the relationship.

How to build a strong and healthy relationship

Realistic expectations

Everyone has a picture of how his/her relationship is going to be. But when you have a good dream and there is no good character to actualize it. It can not work. You want your relationship to be like couple A and you don’t have what it takes. So you’re not being realistic to yourself. It is good to have a role model or mentor but you can not be like them in a short time. There is a time for everything. Your mentor has also passed through a rough road before their relationship becomes better.

How to build a strong and healthy relationship


As we all know, communication is one of the ways to build a strong relationship. How you communicate with each other matters. You have to keep the communication line open all the time. When there are issues between you. You need to talk about it, settle things amicably and move on. Don’t pretend when things are not ok.

Talk to your partner in a good tone. Don’t raise your voice when you’re angry. Manner of approach is very important in a relationship. Don’t disrespect or belittle your partner. Though you want your voice to be heard the only way to do it is with love.

How to build a strong and healthy relationship


In a relationship, respect is given and taken. Everyone deserves to be respected. When you show respect, then you will reap respect. This comes in diverse ways. For example, the way you treat each other, the way you address each other, and the way you carry or portray yourself. You should always think about your partner. There are some things that you will do that will either give respect to your partner or drag him/her to the mud. For you to build a strong and healthy relationship, respect is part of the ingredients.

How to build a strong and healthy relationship


You must be flexible and ready to change. Don’t be too rigid or adamant about some behavior. You cannot be having the same attitude and expect your relationship to flourish. You cannot say this is how I have been doing my things and nobody can change it. If you want to build a long-lasting relationship, strong and healthy, then you must be ready to adopt changes. You should be ready to compromise a lot of things just because of the love you have for each other.

Be dependable

Can your partner depend on you? Your yes must be yes. You need to be sincere and honest. Whether your partner is there or not, what can he/she say about you? This is very important in a relationship. Your partner should be able to defend you without any doubt. You should be accountable. This is another tip on how to build a strong and healthy relationship.

Add value to yourself

You need to add value to yourself. You can’t afford to be on the same point for too long. We’re now in a modern world. People are moving forward every day. There are so many ways to improve yourself. You can learn new skills. When you add value to yourself, it helps you to grow your relationship. You command respect from your partner. You must not be a liability. When each of you is doing well, then your relationship will be doing well as well and stronger.

Avoid controlling your partner

Let your partner be, stop being a monitoring agent. This is not healthy for a good relationship. Stop checking your partner’s messages. You should be able to trust each other. So why demanding for his/her telephone code every time. This attitude has caused a lot of broken relationships. It’s not necessary and not ideal for a relationship that the foundation was built on love.

Do away with your ego

Pride cannot take your relationship to any good destination. So be ready to swallow your ego. When there is a need to say sorry and apologize, just do it. It does not cost you anything. For any couple that wants to build a strong and healthy relationship, both partners must be ready to humble themselves.

Compliments each other

Learn to appreciate each other. Little compliments go a long way in a relationship. Most especially ladies love and cherish compliments. Even men, there is no man that will not like to hear good compliments from his partner. It goes both ways. Learn to compliment each other with those sweet love quotes. You can read deeply love quotes for her.

When you give compliments to your partner, you will not feel jealous if anyone gives him/her on social media. There are some ladies that love compliments than money. Why not give her what is making her happy.

Your love for each other becomes stronger when you know how to build your relationship.

Be fair enough

There are some men, they like to take their business associate out instead of their partner. You can do that once in a while but not always. It can ruin your relationship because it’s not fair enough. When you can not invite her out for a dinner and it is always your secretary or someone else. How do you want her to feel? You have to balance things up if you truly love her.

Avoid jealousy

Jealousy is another thing that destroys relationships. When you are in a relationship, trust should be your watchtower. You need to believe in your partner otherwise, anytime you see them with some else. You will be thinking otherwise. That’s the work of jealousy. This is one of the great enemies of relationships. Since you cannot trust each other. Any small move, you will begin to suspect and that brings separation between you.

Don’t be too materialistic

Everything should be done in moderation. Don’t push your partner to what he cannot afford or what he doesn’t want to do. Only because he wants to please you. The consequence might be terrible. A materialistic lady will push her husband to be away just because of extravagance life and self-interest. She will be jumping from one relationship to another because she will never be satisfied. This is not good for a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Be on the same page

Both of you have to be future-oriented. You have to plan for your future home together. When a guy is planning to save money to buy a house for both of you, and the lady is always thinking about how to buy the most expensive designer shoe and bag in town. The relationship can not last. Because it’s the too parallel line that can never meet. For your relationship to be strong and healthy, both of you should reason along the same path. A long-lasting strong and healthy relationship is inevitable.

I encourage you to learn from this article if you are a lady that is always having issues with broken relationships. Maybe your partner did not tell you why he pulls out. Then you need to check yourself and make an amendment. Since there is no perfect relationship, there is always room for improvement, and enjoy your relationship.

It requires determination and action. There are some attitudes that need to be changed in other to build a long-lasting relationship.

If you can apply all these keys, your boyfriend/girlfriend will never pull out of the relationship. You will be together forever.

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