How To Make Your Husband/Boyfriend Feel Loved

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It is not when you do something very big for your man that will make him feel loved. But there are some little things that we can add to our daily routine as women so that our men will feel loved and appreciated. These are the small things you think it does not matter but play a huge role in your marriage and relationship. How to make your husband/boyfriend feel loved is highly recommended.

Are you wonder why your husband/partner feels you don’t love or appreciate him? You need to read these tips! Here are some little things that you can do to change that motive.

A small kind gesture towards your man will go a long way in your home. Learn to offer something that can put a smile on his face every day. They are keys to a blissful home.

  1. Let him know he is very special by your words and your action
  2. Avoid not stressing him with so many questions when he comes home from work, because you never know what he might have passed true at work.
  3. Learn to say thank you for every little thing he did. It makes room for him to do more.
  4. Avoid wearing a sad look even though you are not happy. Men generally love a cheerful woman, this acts and gladdens their hearts.
  5. When you see each other, always show excitement and be happy that you see him
  6. Treat him like a very important person (VIP) in your life. Value him so much, because whatever you value, you will appreciate.
  7. Give him the honor and respect he deserves.
  8. Offer him a glass of water even when he did not ask for it.
  9. Treat him more than the way you treat your boss at work.
  10. Make him a cup of coffee or tea when he least expected it.
  11. Let him feel your presence always. Don’t let him miss you even though you did not travel. It is possible you are around but still miss you.

Small things that matter

How to make your husband/boyfriend feel loved are some of these things that you do every day.

12. Be a good encourager whenever he is down.

13. Learn to be a good listener, do not always jump into wrong conclusion.

14. Do not save your best dishes for a visitor. Treat him like a visitor everytime.

15. Set your dinning table occassionally as if someone special is coming for a visit. He will be surprise that you do all this just for him. It can turn to a romantic night.

16. Put your hand on him when you are watching film together.

17. Massage him even when he did not ask for him, it’s an antidote to remove stress and help him to relax his nerves.

18. Learn to send at least 2 love quotes everyday, no matter how short it may be, it makes him happy. Learn to be romantic.

19. Help him to wash his cloth and arrange it.

20. Arrange his wardrobe once in a while before coming back from work.

21. Prepare his favourite meal often, sometime prepare it with your own money.

22. Be a good nutritionist, feed him well because a way to every mans heart is through his stomach.

Best way to make a man feel loved

23. Learn his love language, so you can understand each other and be ready for his needs sexually.

24. Do not starve him sexually, men are very weak in this area to avoid unnecessary temptation.

25. You need to know his specific way of being loved, so it is easier for both of you to communicate better and show your affection.

26. Ask him if he is hungry sometimes, it shows that you care for him.

27. Learn to communicate your feelings to him verbally or non-verbally, do not assume he should know.

28. Always open up and address every issue, do not keep silent.

29. Avoid being a nagging woman, ask him for help in a polite way.

30. Let your expectation be realistic.

31. Make the house comfortable for him, do not drive him away from home with your action or your words.

32. During the conflict, learn to control yourself, avoid using an abuse words. Because words are powerful and destructive.

How to make your husband feel loved

33. In any misunderstanding, find a way of settling things amicably.

34. Always appreciate him and say it, come with a good compliments, men enjoys sweet words from their partners.

Unique ways to make him smile

Do you want him to love you more? Then this is how to make your husband/boyfriend feel loved

35. Do not hide your feelings, show it always by sending him message or by telling him.

36. After he dress up, tell him he is handsome, do not wait for outsider to give him that compliments. Let him get it from home first.

37. Learn to say sorry, even when you are not at fault. it shows your love for him and your level of maturity.

38. Express yourself to him whenever you miss him.

39. When he suppose to do something at home and he does not have the time or forget, surprise him and do it. Do not leave the job undone, just because it was his turn.

40. Remember to smile at him first when he comes home from work.

41. Try to buy him unexpected gift that he would never think of buy himself.

42. When you know that you will not be home for some days, make every small things that he like ready for him at home before you travel (snacks, chips, cookies, beer or cake).

43. Encourage him when he get stress at work. Tell him he can do it because he is a hardworking man.

44. Tell him you appreciate him always for his love.

45. Give him a surprise hug and kiss.

46. Always have his favourite drinks in the fridge.

47. Let him hear it from you always, he’s handsome

Let him feel loved

How to make your husband/boyfriend feel loved should be your watchtower.

48. Serve him coffee or tea on bed when you are home together most expecially on weekend.

49. Let him know when you miss him.

50. Learn to make some days special for him when watching a film by adding some romantic tip for example lighting a candle.

51. Always sit by his side everytime you are together and scratch his head often. It gives a sense of belonging and increase your bond.

52. Let him know how great and wonderful partner he has been to you and he will continue to be.

53. Show him love by given him a kiss and rub his arm when you are sitting by his side.

54. Learn to look at his face always. Eye contact is a sign of attraction.

55. Treat him like a baby when he is sleeping and do not disturb. It is a sign of respect.

56. Always make sure he eat something before leaving the house and help him to pack his lunch.

57. Give him a surprise by ironing his cloth.

What to do that will make him feel great?

This is how to make your husband/boyfriend feel loved

58. Tell him he looks cute, younger and always attractive to you.

59. Put your phone down when is talking to you or vice versa.

60. Keep your voice low when you are talking to him.

61. When he is travelling, put some of his favourite snacks and a write a love note. He will be reading it and always think about you till he comes back.

62. Tell him how kind and lovable he is to you and make you happy.

63. Let him know that you are always proud of him.

64. Do not disrespect him in the front of the kids.

Generally men like all these small things than sex. He can get sex from anyone but all these little things can not be obtained from anyone but you. A little kind gesture is what your husband/boyfriend needs. Be ready to pamper him like a little baby with these little ways every day. These daily nuggets will strengthen your relationship and makes it sweeter and last forever.

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