How To Rebuild Trust In A Marriage/Relationship After Cheating

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As strong as trust is in a marriage or relationship, still it can be broken. This can be caused by so many factors. Infidelity is one of the major causes of betrayal of trust in a marriage. But there are so many other things that can lead to the broken of trust in a relationship. This has caused a lot of damage in a marriage/relationship. That shows us how to rebuild trust in a marriage/relationship after cheating is highly needed.

It does not matter what the causes of broken trust are, one sure thing is that it can still be rebuilt. This can be achievable when both couples are ready to work together and make it happen.

It can be excruciating when you trust someone completely and the trust is betrayed. Everyone has been a victim of this in one way or the other in our lives. But still, we need to trust again. There is hope for every lost trust, nothing is impossible if you’re willing.

How to rebuild trust in a relationship after cheating

What Are The Signs Of Lack Of Trust

There are a lot of ways to know that you no longer trust your partner.


When you begin to suspect every step of your partner. It’s a sign that trust is gone in your relationship. Suspicion is a joy killer in a marriage/relationship. You will never be happy when this comes in. When you’re having this strange feeling, it’s a sign that something is wrong with trust in your marriage and you need to deal with it.

You deliberately become his/her assistant for no reason. You want to know everything that your partner is doing every minute. Some actions and behaviors you never had before began to manifest in you, It’s a sign of a lack of trust. How To Rebuild Trust In A Marriage/Relationship After Cheating

How to rebuild trust in a relationship after cheating


When you can not share things with him/her freely like you used to do. Then something has created a big gap between you and that shows that trust is missing in your relationship.

You get easily irritated when you’re together. You can not express your feelings to each other like before, then something is wrong, and it’s affecting your intimacy.


Insecurity sets in when trust disappears in a marriage/relationship. You don’t feel secure again when you are around each other. Fear of uncertainty comes in, you begin to think irrationally about what the future holds for you in this relationship. This tells you that trust has gone so far in that home.

Feeling uncomfortable

When you’re always feeling uncomfortable with your partner’s actions, it’s a sign of a lack of trust. Sometimes, you feel that your partner is hiding something. This comes to you unconsciously, it’s a lack of trust. How To Rebuild Trust In A Marriage/Relationship After Cheating.

Troubled in your spirit

Some people are very sensitive, immediately something is wrong with having confidence in another person, and they will be restless. All these are navigators to a bridge of trust.

When you experience a sudden change of behavior in your partner. They cannot receive their phone calls when you’re around, it shows that he/she is hiding something from you.

You will also like to pick up his/her calls immediately phone rings just to know who the caller is. These are signals that the full bowl of trust is empty in that relationship. How To Rebuild Trust In A Marriage/Relationship After Cheating. It’s required to be vulnerable, build connections, and maintain a sense of safety. Healthy relationships are built on integrity, or doing what you say you will do. 

When all these are happening, there is an urgent need to rebuild the trust back again before it’s too late. Many homes have been destroyed just because of a lack of trust. Because trust is the foundation that holds any marriage/relationship.

How To Rebuild Trust Again

Apologize to your partner

You need to apologize to your partner and this can be done in diverse ways. You can express yourself by writing an apology message, or text message. The best way is an open conversation, let her/him see that you’re indeed deeply sorry for what you have done. Let your partner see that you are sincerely sorry from your heart. Don’t expect sudden acceptance because it’s very hurtful to put your confidence in someone and let you down. It can take time and avoid playing a defensive game. This can worsen the situation when you’re trying to rebuild your trust.

But if you think facing your partner will escalate more problems. Then you can choose another way of tendering your apology. This is because people react to issues differently and since you know each other very well. Try to find out the best avenue to make him/her feel better.

Create new chapter

When you’re rebuilding your trust, the best thing to do is to start afresh. Be a changed person by creating new memories for your partner that will erase your past deeds. Have a positive mindset and look for a way to make him/her laugh, smile, and try to do something that will bring back your intimacy. At this junction, don’t rush because it may take time to heal the wounds.

The new feelings will enable your partner to have hope in you again if you truly love each other. It tells both couples that there is a possibility of having a good and healthy relationship again. How To Rebuild Trust In A Marriage/Relationship After Cheating.

Determine to work on yourself so that you can both come out from this issue very strongly.

Desire a good and healthy relationship

The two of you must be willing to work on each other. Most especially, the one who breaks the trust must demonstrate a willingness to change and make it up to his/her partner. Let your partner see that you’re ready to change and show it in every possible way you can. Also, the other party must be willing to let go and forgive your partner. Give him/her a second chance. To rebuild that lost trust, both of you must accept each other faults and desire a good and healthy relationship.

How to rebuild trust in a relationship after cheating

Learn from the mistakes

There is always a lesson to be learned from every mistake we make. For you to rebuild trust, there is a need to reflect on what happened so that you will not repeat the same mistake. During reflection, you will have a view of how you lost control that led to your action. It might be a result of carelessness or temptation. It’s possible to reason together with your partner or think about it alone. Ask each other some questions, it will help your relationship. You can deduce how you can handle a good time and pain situation together.

How to rebuild trust in a relationship after cheating

Determine whether to trust your partner

It is possible and easily says that you don’t want to trust anybody again. But life is not like that. There is still a way to get out of that feeling when your partner has betrayed your trust. Try to look for other people around you, there is still somebody you can still trust among family and friends. Remember not just anyone, because the advice or counsel you get at this time matters. It will either solve the problem you’re facing or add more to the injury. So determined to trust your partner and live happily together again. Yes, it’s possible, because the key to your happiness is in your hand.

How to rebuild trust in a relationship after cheating

Accept that nobody is perfect

Since you’ve been betrayed by your partner doesn’t mean that the end has come. It’s painful and hurtful, yes I agree. You need to understand that no relationship/marriage is perfect without dealing with one issue or the other. When you realize this, it will help you to accept and work it out with your partner. It will soften your heart and make you less emotional about what has happened.

Forgive willingly

There is a reason why you should forgive your partner. Marriage/relationship is a school that is full of offenses and you need to forgive far ahead if you want to enjoy your relationship. There is no need to be jumping from one relationship to another. You cannot avoid betrayal of trust completely in a relationship because it comes in different ways. It may not be infidelity in another form, but how you deal with any type of betrayal matters. So learn to forgive and it’s healthy for your relationship to grow better.

Avoid dwelling in the past

Let go of what has happened and look forward to the future. Avoid holding fast to past mistakes because it will not allow you to see the beautiful future that you have together. Come together as a couple and plan how you want your future to be. Do you know that every problem in a relationship/marriage, it makes you stronger than before? This is always happening between the two genuine lovers. Desire and determination to focus on the future instead of letting the hurt feelings always pull you down. You have the power to say no to it and move on.

Accept your fault

You need to be responsible for your actions. Avoid shifting blame when you’re trying to rebuild trust in your relationship. You don’t need to justify the reason why you cheat on your partner. Just accept that you’ve made mistakes and feel sober for it.

When your partner has accepted the fault, even though you’re still very hurt, avoid taking it personally. I can understand, it’s not very easy. You need to see it as one of those things that can happen in a relationship. Then it will be a little bit easier for you to accept and find a way to let it go.

Open Communication

Communication plays a vital role in strengthening and rebuilding trust. You need to talk about it, don’t pretend, and let your partner know how you feel. Be true to yourself, don’t hide anything. If you need to cry, do so to let him/her know that you feel bad about what happened. Then you can tell them what they can do to regain that trust. Let them know what will make you feel secure and have confidence again. Make it clear and be constructive about what you want, it’s very important to say it loud and clear.

Ignite the Spark again

Instead of allowing trust betrayal to break your relationship or destroy your marriage, see it as an opportunity to have a new date with your partner. You need to bring back fresh memories into your intimacy. It will be as if you just met each other again. It helps you to rekindle the fire of romance in your marriage or relationship. It will be like you’re starting all over again and reminds you both of those good times you’ve spent together. This will help you to feel loved and remove every element of fear in your relationship.


I believe this is one of the best ways to rebuild trust in your relationship. When you know there is nothing we can do on our own without God. Committing your partner to God’s hand is highly needed. Sometimes in life as the bible says, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (Mathew 26: 41). You can pray for your partner against a strange woman/man. Believe me, prayer works. When you choose to pray for him over the problem, he/she will be able to overcome the temptation next time and come out triumphantly. Don’t leave him/her alone in the mess, pray together in the time of trial and you will both be happy and enjoy peace in your home.

After rebuilding trust back into your marriage/relationship, it makes your relationship, even more, stronger and sweeter than before. When you see any couple that is doing very very well, everyone has a story to tell. They have betrayed each other many times, but when they handle it maturely, you will think they never had such a problem. That’s the beauty of love in a relationship.

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