How To Tell If A Girl Is A Virgin

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Though it may seem old-fashioned in today’s sexually liberated world. There are still many men who place a high premium on virginity in a potential partner. But how can you tell if a woman is sexually inexperienced? These are some sure signs a woman has not been sexually active that you need to know. However, how to tell if a girl is a virgin is highly recommended if you really want to marry a virgin.

Is she a virgin?

This one is pretty obvious, but worth mentioning nonetheless. If a woman is a virgin, she hasn’t had sex before. There are many reasons why someone might choose to remain a virgin, including personal beliefs or religious reasons. A virgin girl breathes heavily during sexual intercourse. On the other hand, women who aren’t virgins live smoothly.

How To Tell If A Girl Is A Virgin

How to tell she is a virgin: 5 Physical signs

The clitoris is still covered by the clitoral hood

In virgin women, the clitoris is typically covered by a layer of skin known as the clitoral hood. This hood acts as a barrier to protect the sensitive tissues of the clitoris from becoming irritated or damaged. As a result, sexually experienced women often have a more exposed clitoris, as the hood has been pulled back through sexual activity. It’s one of the signs of how to tell if a girl is a Virgin.

The hymen is intact

The hymen is a thin piece of tissue that covers the opening of the vagina. It is possible for the hymen to be broken through activities other than sexual intercourse (such as tampon use or vigorous exercise). But in most cases, an intact hymen is a sign of virginity.

The vaginal opening is small and tight

Another physical sign of virginity is a small or tight vaginal opening. This is because, in virgins, the hymen covers much of the opening of the vagina. This makes it smaller than in women who are not virgins. As such, it can be difficult or even impossible to insert objects into the vagina without breaking the hymen.

How To Tell If A Girl Is A Virgin

The labia minora are small and tight

The labia minora are the inner lips of the vagina that surround the vaginal opening. In virgins, these lips are often small and tight due to the presence of the hymen. In women who are not virgins, however, these lips may be larger and less tightly held together due to sexual activity stretching them out over time. How to tell if a girl is a virgin, shows by the labia minora.

There is no discharge present

When aroused, most women will produce a clear or milky white discharge from their vagina known as cervical fluid. This fluid acts as lubrication to help reduce friction during sex and make penetration easier. However, in virgins who have not yet been aroused, this fluid will not be present as there has been no stimulation of the cervix to trigger its production.

Virginity test

If you suspect that she’s not telling you her actual age, there are different ways to find out. The most obvious way is to have her take a virginity test to see if it is positive or negative. You’ll have to get it done at your local sexual health clinic.

Are you looking for a virgin girl?

Though there are many modern myths about how to tell if a woman is a virgin (such as whether or not she bleeds during sex). These five physical signs provide some reliable indicators that she has not yet been sexually active.” If you’re looking for an old-fashioned girl who’s keeping herself pure for marriage. I encourage you to pay attention to these subtle cues and you just might find her.”

How to tell if a girl is a virgin

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