6 Things Never To Reveal To Your Boyfriend

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We all know the importance of communication in a relationship. Knowing how to build your relationship is very paramount as learning to avoid wrong communication that can destroy it. Therefore, 6 things never to reveal to your boyfriend are highly recommended. Because a lot of women has used their mouth to destroy their beautiful homes.

Telling him how sexy some of your girlfriends are

There is nothing wrong to talk about your friends to your boyfriend but everything must have a limit. When you think you’re jesting with him and start talking about how hot or sexy you think your girlfriend is. You’re looking for trouble. You’re indirectly telling him that your girlfriend is better than you in bed. You unconsciously open his imagination to go and cheat with your friend.

Remember there are some things you don’t need to tell your boyfriend about your best friend. Otherwise, you have given him a direct license to sleep with your friend and you must not complain when this happens.

Things never to reveal to your boyfriend

You don’t like yourself

Many ladies are always complaining about how they look to their boyfriends. If you’re one of them, stop it. You need to appreciate and love yourself the way you are. When you do this always, you’re telling him that you’re not good enough for him. He will continue to think the way you see yourself. You’re making him see your bad side when you poison yourself with bad thoughts.

For example, if you’re telling him that you’re too fat, he will never appreciate you as you are because you’ve already condemned yourself and what else do you expect from him?

However, you can make fun of yourself occasionally, but not when you see your body or your face as ugly or not perfect.

Avoid telling him Some other guys are good in bed

Most women enjoy talking about sex but don’t make that silly mistake that you know some guys who are better in bed. There is no guy that loves to hear that. You’re telling your boyfriend that he’s not good enough in bed. You’re making him doubt your honesty anytime you’re not with him. Don’t ever give him the impression that your past boyfriend is good in bed than him. Never did you mention that to him no matter what. He should be the best now since he is in your presence.

Moreover, don’t make him feel less like a man, and avoid unnecessary talk that will bring him down and damage his confidence.

Things never to reveal to your boyfriend

Making fun of his best friend’s manhood

This will be disgusting to him when you’re telling him how small his friend Pennis is. There is no man that can tolerate that. Even if you have slept with his friend before you met him, any information about the affairs including sexual intimacy, keep it to yourself. That kind of talk can ruin your relationship quickly. He will think that’s how you will be talking and messy about him to others.

It can make him hate you, use you and eventually dump you. So be careful with what you say.

Compare him with his dad

It will definitely be a bad thing to compare your boyfriend with his dad. Maybe he has told you everything about his dad’s bad behavior towards his mum. It will not be nice of you to say like father like son when you’re angry or during conflicts. Even if you don’t mean it, you have triggered what he doesn’t want to remember from his dad’s past and bring it into his life.

However, a guy that has witnessed a lot of his dad’s flaws will never want to be like him. When you compare him again, it’s like opening a deadly wound. So try as much as possible to be sensitive when you’re angry, not to say what will make your partner sad.

Telling him you’ve had several abortions

Many ladies have realized that it is not good to reveal this kind of story from your past. Telling him all the ugly past like this can be dangerous. You may think you’re telling him the truth but you need to apply wisdom sometimes. When the problem arises in the future, the man will tell you the reality and let you that it’s your careless past that makes you barren.

The joy of every marriage is to be fruitful and have children. It’s better to avoid revealing such a past, no matter how religious a man may be. He will think twice before he proposes to you.

So be wise, not to give a guy any reason to doubt about you in the future. Learn how to engage in healthy communication that will strengthen your relationship.

Things never to reveal to your boyfriend

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