14 Hot Sexy Things to Say In Bed That Will Make Him Crazy

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Things you say while in bed can help to improve your husband’s performance. Men like to hear those sexy and romantic words during the action. When you talk about what you want to him in bed can also make him more ready for you. Sometimes it can be difficult when you don’t know what to say to turn him up. 14 hot sexy things to say in bed that will make him crazy will help to improve your sex life with your partner.

Sexy Things to say in bed to drive a man crazy

Are you looking for tips on what to tell him in bed and drive him wild? Be Open and come with those dirty words that he wants to hear while lying in bed. with him. f you’re curious about the dirty talk men want to hear during sex, you’ve come to the right place. Do you enjoy hearing dirty talk? Are your sexual partners into your dirty talk?

Here are some powerful ideas for you.

I need you badly now

When you tell your man that you want him now. He understands that the action has to start immediately. Tell him that you’re much ready and you can’t wait until he digs down. By the time he hears this, his antenna is already up, and get him prepared for the main action that will take you to the sky.

You’ve turned me on and crazy

When you tell your partner how he turns you on just by lying down by his side is another way to drive him crazy. It’s romantic, this is part of what men generally love to hear in bed.

When a man hears the actual words like this, it automatically gets him excited and goes wild. He has nothing to think about than how to take you on a journey without flight.

Take me anyhow you want

Any man that hears and knows he’s in control, will make him feel in charge. He will be so eager to do whatever you want. He will ride you as you want and you will both enjoy each other. When you give him the power to rude your world as he wants, you can be sure of his excellent performance in bed.

Come and do me

When you tell him this, he’s crazy already. During the action, while clamorous his name, wow, shows you’re enjoying and his doing pretty good on you. Men like it when you give them a good impression like shouting and a nice ringtone during sex. It’s a sign that you’re enjoying and having fun just like he does.

Take off my cloth

Telling your man to take off your dress is enough to drive him crazy. As he’s trying to off the cloth at the same time he’s kissing you can be sometimes fun. This helps to put your testosterone hormone in action. It shows him how much you desire and wants him badly.

Have you tried this before, if not you need to let him do the job right from taking off the cloth and continue swimming right from there?

You’re so big and strong

Men generally love to hear this during the action. When you tell him the size of his gun is so big and strong. He will be super excited that you appreciate his muscular body. Telling him that you always enjoy him when he’s very strong like this. It boosts his confidence and makes him feel good and great about himself.

Can you come on me?

This is one of the things that men love most. They like coming on their lovers and taking charge all over the body of their partners. This alone drives them crazy and turns them on instantly. Is it on their chest, stomach, laps, or any part that could be a point of attraction? It makes him know that you’re also in for the game.

You’re too much

When you praise and tell him that he’s just too much, it’s like giving him energy drinks that increase his strength. This is one of the best words that men want to hear in bed. It’s like giving him affirmation of a pass mark. They love hearing feedback that they’re good in bed. WOW, you really dig down to the root, I love the way you handle me every time. You nail it to the top, good job. That’s what your man is waiting for to hear. If you can apply these 14 hot sexy things to say in bed that will make him crazy will help you to know what to say.

Let us get dirty together

Men like it when their partner feels free to tell them anything, especially in bed. When you tell him how dirty he is and how dirty and naughty you can also make him want you more. It generally enhances your intimacy and makes your love grow.

Wow you’re very hot

Your man wants to hear how hot he is. Tell him how you like and enjoy the energy he put in. That’s very hot for me, I love that and seal his mouth with a kiss. You will drive him wild. That’s why I always want you inside me, you know.

Can you do slow motion?

Men always get satisfied and enjoy direction during sex. Telling your man how you want him to do you. You can guide his hand or mouth to where you want but when you tell him how to drive him mad. For example, can you go faster, I want slow motion, or can you kiss me slowly, Then come with an exclamation, oh yes, that’s it, you get it. All these words fuel his powerhouse.

You’re sexy

Mostly not every woman knows how to tell her desire to her man. But when you tell your man he’s sexy, it’s like a way to say you’re ready for him. Your man wants to hear that you’ve missed his body, I want you so badly, you’re very sexy. The word of your mouth will turn him on for you. You need to show your unquenchable hunger for your man by telling him your desire for sex.

Calling his name

When you call your man’s name when you’re about to orgasm is a sign that you’re really having fun. Men love to hear their names at that particular time. It makes them feel like real men. It gives your man an assurance that he’s the only him that matters at that very time.

Things to say in bed to drive a man crazy

Tell me what you want

Asking your man what he wants or how he wants it shows that you’re thinking of how to satisfy him and turn him on at the same time. Do you know that is a way to initiate sex with him? How can we improve our sexual intimacy? it’s a good question to ask your man and from there. How can I make you cry in bed tonight?

I encourage you to make use of these 14 hot sexy things to say in bed that will make him crazy. It will help you to come closer and have a good start in bed.

During the action, men like women who are talking than those who keep silent. Try to say something or give some expression when you’re having fun like mmmm, ooohh. That’s what men really want in bed.

Whenever he remembers all these words, makes him think and love you more. A healthy and strong relationship is inevitable.

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