Tips On How To Build A Good Relationship With A Mother-In-Law

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Tips On How To Build A Good Relationship With A Mother-In-Law

The In-laws are part of the family and they play important roles in every home. It is advisable to build a healthy relationship with the in-laws, most especially your mother-in-law if you want to have a peaceful home. Therefore, tips on how to build a good relationship with a mother-in-law are very crucial.

The rate of crisis between daughter and mother-in-law is at a high rate and this has been causing a lot of misunderstandings in some homes and is needed to be handled carefully. Marriage is a lifetime school where you need to take extra lectures to study your mother-in-law.

Are you finding it tough with your mother-in-law? It’s never too late, there’s always a way to start a good relationship.

Importance Of In-law

I have been married for over 20 years and I have seen the roles of in-laws in my home.

Meanwhile, we cannot but talk about the issue that always arises most especially between the daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law.

In order to have a healthy relationship with your mother-in-law or mother in law to be, here are some things you need to do and things you should not do if your relationship is going to be cordial. Do you know that you can be the best friend of your mother-in-law if you can make use of the tips on how to build a good relationship with your mother-in-law?

1). Don’t see her as your mother-in-law

You’ll have a smooth relationship if you can see your mother-in-law as your mother. When you see her as your own mother, your behaviour and treatment towards her will be different. Meanwhile, this mindset will help you to love her unconditionally just as you love your own mother. What you can’t do to your own mother, you wouldn’t want to do it to her.

2). Don’t see her as your rival

This is very critical, don’t see your mother-in-law as your rival. Many women have seen their mother inlaw as a rival, just like a second wife. Remember that your husband has been with his mother all along before he ever met you.

Don’t ever think that your mother-in-law is coming in between you and your husband, this is capital NO. You have your own place in your husband’s heart, so also his mother.

Moreover, don’t be jealous when you see that your husband is having a good relationship with his mother, and you are trying to block it. You can build a good relationship with your mother-in-law if you can avoid competing with her.

3). Don’t hate your mother-in-law

Showing love and affection towards your mother-in-law is paramount if you want to enjoy a long-lasting marriage and not hate. You cannot say you love your husband and you don’t want to see his mother. You have to deliberately accept your mother-in-law the way she is.

I can understand that there are some mothers-in-law that are very difficult to please, but instead, be kind and show her love. When you show love and respect her, with time she will realize herself and accept you in return. With experience, I have seen that happening a lot.

Moreso, maybe at first she didn’t accept you, just give her more time. Don’t judge her or use that as an excuse to treat her badly, don’t use I don’t care attitude, it fuels the crisis between both of you. Instead, be tolerant, be accommodating, and be understanding.

you’ll be amazed how things will turn out and you’ll definitely see the good side of her and you’ll enjoy your home peacefully.

Remember, you cannot run away from each other. The best way to have a good relationship with your mother-in-law is to intentionally and deliberately like her.

This is one of the best tips on how to build a good relationship with your mother-in-law.

4). Don’t wish your mother-in-law dead

It’s surprising to hear some ladies wishing their mother-in-law dead even before they get married. This is not good, remember because one day it would be your turn. You’re going to be a mother-in-law one day.

Will you love to hear that your daughter-in-law is wishing you dead? Remember that what goes around always comes round.

However, it has always been my prayer to have a mother-in-law that will be like my mother, and thank God, it was a prayer answered for me. Desire to have a lovely and wonderful mother-in-law rather than wishing her dead.

Try to digest these tips on how to build a good relationship with your mother-in-law and a blissful home is sure for you.

5). Don’t interrupt when your husband is caring for his mother

The joy of every mother is to see her children being married and have a peaceful home. When your husband wants to take care of his mother, please don’t stand in the way, don’t say no with your attitude.

Allow him to send the amount he desires to send to his mother, don’t complain if it’s too much. Let him carry out his responsibility for his mother.

Despite the fact that you don’t get along with his mother, doesn’t mean, he should abandon his mother. There’s no amount of care a man can give to his mother that could be compared to the mother’s sufferings and sacrifices when she was taking care of him.

A good mother knows when his son is taking good care of her with the support of the wife. This will enhance and smooth the relationship between you and your mother in law and she’ll like, love, and accept you too like her own daughter.

6). Don’t stigmatize your mother in law as a witch

When you attribute every misfortune that is happening in your home to your mother-in-law, this will definitely affect your relationship with her negatively.

For example, a lot of daughters-in-law have seen their mother inlaw as a witch and calling her names just simply because they have a little delay in childbearing. In most cases, most of these mothers-in-law are completely innocent of the accusation.

You can have a good relationship with her if you have positive feelings towards her. She can even be of great help to your problem. Meanwhile, I did not say there is no bad mother-in-law, but your attitude will define how your mother-in-law will relate with you.

7). Have a good character

For you to build a good relationship with your mother-in-law, your character matters a lot. you should always be polite and under no circumstances must you be rude to her. Even if you are the breadwinner of your home. That shouldn’t be a yardstick to treat her like trash.

Learning to know your mother-in-law will help you to build a good relationship with her. Even though it’s a gradual process. This will enable you to know what she likes and dislikes. This is very important most especially when you get married to a mummy’s BOY and high-class mother-in-law.

If you do not take your time to know her, you will always be having problems with her. Get to know her better settle a lot of issues between both of you.

Tips On How To Build A Good Relationship With A Mother-In-Law

8). Be accommodating

You should always be happy when your mother-in-law comes for visit. Don’t suddenly become moody or sick when you see her. You can build a good relationship with her when you see her as part of the family and not a threat.

Let her feel comfortable whenever she comes around. Don’t poison the children against their grandma. Allow the children to enjoy intimacy with her.

9). Be Friendly

One of the best tips on how to build a good relationship with a mother-in-law is to be friendly. You should try to feel free with her, even though she is either illiterate or elite, you can come down to her level. That’s a great love that’ll strengthen your relationship.

10). Take good care of her

When you take care of your mother-in-law as much as you can, that’s the foundation of a good relationship. Prepare good food for her, give her gifts occasionally. Remember whatever you do to her is definitely coming back to you. Because everything you’re doing is like sowing a seed that will germinate later.

Moreover, you have to learn how to tolerate and accommodate your mother-in-law. I challenge you to make use of the tips on how to build a good relationship with a mother-in-law and you will be her best friend ever and enjoy your home.

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