10 Ways To Settle Misunderstandings in Marriages/Relationships

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Marriage or relationship is an awesome institution that involves so many factors to make it work. Every home has to pass through various stages of misunderstanding before it can get better. You’ll disagree to agree several times. These 10 ways to settle misunderstandings in marriages/relationships are highly recommended because marriages are torn apart just because of misunderstanding.

Moreover, when you know that there is no perfect marriage, this will help you to settle any issue between you and your partner very easily and faster. Do you know that misunderstanding is a joy killer?

Meanwhile, how you manage your misunderstanding determines your happiness. You need to control it as much as you can so that joy and peace can reign in your home.

Here are some tips that can help you to settle misunderstandings between you and your partner when it comes. Misunderstanding will come since both of you have different personalities and different backgrounds. It’s very normal not to have the same opinion on so many things, but at the same time, you need to settle amicably.

1.) Listen to each other

Listening to each other is paramount when it comes to settling misunderstandings among couples. Don’t interrupt your partner when talking, it makes the matter worse. It means you’ve not given them the chance to express themselves. One of you has to be a goat in character while the other has to be a sheep in behavior. Moreover, when you listen, it helps your partner to also calm down.

When you choose to listen willingly amid a heated argument, it reduces the level of argument that’s constantly causing problems in your home.

2.) Communication

Do you know that without communication, there is no settlement? When you don’t want to talk to each other, then how do you expect the matter to be resolved or settled? It just prolongs the days of the conflict, and this can take days, or weeks if nothing is done quickly. I think if he/she refuses to talk to me, I will not talk to him either.

Does it matter who talks first? Someone has to take a bold step to open up. If you choose to be the first person to approach your partner doesn’t reduce you or mean anything. One certain thing is that you’ll be happy together again.

3.) Allow your partner to express his/her feelings

This is another beautiful one from 10 ways to settle misunderstandings in marriages/relationships, and also in addition to listening to your partner.

Don’t interrupt when your partner is expressing his/her feelings. It is very important to pour out everything that is bordering you. You just need to listen and let him/her finish, then you’ll be able to come up with your side of the story.

Meanwhile, when your partner is saying A and you are saying BCDE, you can’t settle anything rather than compounding the problem. Sometimes, you need to compromise and reason with your partner for peace to reign. Then you can see how things will turn around for good in your home.

4.) Learn to keep quiet

During settlement, you just need to learn how to keep quiet and cool your temper. When your partner is telling you your negative side, if you cannot listen and keep quiet, you might say something naught that’ll fuel the crisis. It’s not every time you need to talk, it’s advisable to keep silent sometimes and be wise.

5.) Try to settle in the night

This has worked wonders in my marriage and for most couples that I know. The best time to discuss and settle misunderstandings in the home is at night. At this time both of you have already calmed down and are ready to listen to each other.

At that time, you’re both tired and trying to see how to end the crisis if you genuinely love each other.

6.) Don’t point out the past mistakes of your partner.

When you are about to settle a misunderstanding, don’t point out the past mistakes of your partner. You did the same 10 years ago, last year, or whatever, this is wrong.

You’re not settling the matter but re-opening the past wounds. This shows that you have not completely forgiven your partner and you’re still dwelling in your past. This attitude is not healthy for your home.

7.) Avoid shifting blame

During settlement, you need to avoid shifting blame. It’s your fault, not my fault. This won’t help the matter or solve the issue(s) on the ground. Since you’re both in love, just let go and accept each other’s faults and embrace the weaknesses so that your marriage/relationship can grow with a better understanding.

8.) Don’t raise your voice

Do you know that shouting does not settle anything? When you talk gently and politely, you can win the heart of your partner and even the case you are arguing about. There’s an adage that says “Your manner of approach speaks volumes”. I know you want your voice to be heard but not when you are raising your voice.

Moreso, if you can make use of the ways to settle misunderstandings in marriages/relationships. This will help you to control yourself because you can’t win with that attitude.

9.) Avoid shedding crocodile tears

Do you know that your crying does not settle the matter? This is very common among women, please forgive me if I poke you LOL. You can’t change anything with your crying.

When your partner tells you your fault, you need to swallow your ego and just accept your fault and make an amendment. This will help you to grow and mature rather than cry. Crying only gives you a headache, it will not help you or solve your problem(s).

10.) Learn to say sorry

Do you know that saying sorry is an important key to settling misunderstandings and will restore happiness in your home? You will avoid a lot of problems if you learn to say sorry easily.

What you could have dragged for days or weeks, would be settled in a second by just saying sorry. Don’t be too arrogant to say sorry if you make a mistake. This is one of the best ways to settle misunderstandings in marriages/relationships and is key to your happiness.

In conclusion, do you know that misunderstanding is bound to occur in a marriage/relationship? You cannot avoid it but it can be controlled. When you realize that you and your partner are different in so many ways. This helps you when misunderstanding comes, just find a common ground to settle it and move on.

If you can make use of these 10 ways to settle misunderstandings in marriages/relationships you’ll have a blissful home.

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