Best Ways To Be More Romantic In Your Relationship

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Romantic is a common word in our world today between couples. It is generally used to describe a meaningful expression of affection from one lover to another. It is also used to tell a dramatic love story of how they come together or how they start their relationship. But the way people perceive being romantic differs. The best ways to be romantic in your relationship cannot be overlooked. Because romance plays a key role in a relationship.

Many people especially women will say they always want a man that is romantic. Now how can one be a romantic partner in a relationship?

What does romance does in a relationship?

For someone to be romantic, it is very crucial to understand what love comprises. Then being more romantic will be much easier when you know the real facts about love in your marriage or relationship.

Many years ago, Robert J, Steenberg, Professor, psychologist, and psychometrician at Cornell University come about a concept called the triangle theory of love.

This theory explained the three major components of love.

Intimacy: “feelings of closeness, connectedness, and bondedness experienced in loving relationships:

Passion: “drives that lead to romance, physical attraction, and sexual consummation”

Commitment: “in the short term, the decision that one loves another, and in the long term, the commitment to maintain that love”

Once you get this right, you will be able to take your romance to the next level. Your love for each other increases and last longer forever.

What does it mean to be romantic in a relationship?

A romantic person is the one who intentionally expressed his/her love and affection for their partner. Someone who deeply shows their affection. To be romantic includes those little actions that you do for your partner. It is not when you carry out a big task that makes one be a romantic but a small kind gesture that your partners value.

Being romantic involves creating a sense of passion, anticipation, and excitement within a relationship, clinical psychologist Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., tells mbg. Romantic partners don’t need to be a specific personality type; they can be introverts, ambiverts, or extroverts.

There are some qualities that a romantic partner should have. For example, to be understandable, attentive, willingly, creative, thoughtful, considerate, and much more.

In any relationship where romance flows, that relationship is always stronger, fun, and very interesting. It’s very lovely to have a romantic partner. Women generally fall in love with men that’s are romantic in nature. Mostly some men are not romantic but that doesn’t mean you cannot learn it. It’s achievable when you desire to be romantic with the woman you love.

When you’re romantic, it makes you always win her heart, and falling in love with you every day will be the result. It helps to keep you together, nurture and improve your relationship generally.

Characteristics of a romantic person

This goes in both ways. Women are always looking for romantic men so also men. But what if you as a woman are also romantic to your man. You will be forever in his dream.


A romantic person always has their partner in mind no matter what. They remember every small thing and detail. They are very sensitive to their partner’s needs and desires. If you want to be more romantic, this is one of the important characteristics that you need to be conscious of what your partner loves most. Occasionally do something for him/her that they’re least expected but of high value to them.


This is another fantastic habit of a romantic partner. They’re dedicated to their partner. Everything they do is because of love. They show undying love and affection to back up their actions. What makes someone more romantic in a relationship is that they always do things with good intentions. This brings a big difference between a romantic person or just a flirt or player. The gravity and their emotional feelings are just pure which will make their partners happy and desire them more.

That’s why the most romantic speeches or love letters, for example, are often highly personalized: “For a longtime love, you want to talk about memories, overcoming obstacles together, what made you fall in love initially, why you still love them today, and what you see in the future,” Lia Miller, M.A., MPA, MSW, a writer, and clinically trained social worker, writes at mbg.

Ability to do something unique

The story of the chivalrous deeds of knights who willingly laid their lives for love was the original notion of romance. In our world today, the idea of romance is still linked with what people are doing for their lovers. Romance makes people propose to their sweetheart in the shopping mall or on the street.

After being in a marriage or relationship for some time, it can be very difficult to hold fast to these three major keys of love. Different couples have different choices or ideas of what they think to be romantic for them in their relationship. Most women prefer their men to do some little thing than to buy an expensive gift for them.


Romantic people are sometimes emotional and can describe their love to be the best in the world. They usually called their partner a soul mate. Telling their love story and describing their coming together as destined and ordained. They can be sure that nothing will separate them from loving each partner. That’s the attitude of a romantic partner. The romantic feeling will make them to even say, I love you even to the grave.


Even though not everyone considers the sugar and sweet words to be romantic. Just being available and present for your partner is what some partners embrace as romantic. Being romantic can just simply means being kind, polite, and warm is enough for your partner every day. You can do that always for him/her.

Meaningful gifts and memorable trips are touching, standout moments in a relationship,” marriage therapist Linda Carroll, LMFTwrites at mbg. “However, it’s the steady sprinkle of smaller moments of kindness and care that create a trusting and healthy relationship.”


A romantic person will always set up the love and affection for their lovers throughout the year. They celebrate their partner every day not only on special days like birthdays, Valentine’s, or wedding anniversaries. A real romantic partner dates their lover every time and makes each moment count throughout their relationship. They are consistent in everything they do and choose to be romantic as a habit and way of life.

How to be more romantic in a relationship

If you want to be more romantic, here are some of the unique ways to be romantic in your marriage or relationship. Right from little gestures to a big surprise to ignite the fire of romance that can be meaningful, healthy, and create a long-lasting relationship and a blissful home.

1. Show often how much you love your partner.

2. Tell them the reasons why you deliberately choose to love them

3. Do some exercise that will always connect you sexually together.

4. Be mindful of every detail of your partner.

5. If you want to be more romantic, learn to kiss your partner always, especially in the morning and night.

6. Say hello and goodbye with a kiss on the hand or forehead. Some women love this.

7. Give them surprise gifts no matter how small it is especially little things they really care about and appreciate.

8. At the end of each day, always talk about what happened at work or your experience together. This is romantic and will always bring you close to each other.

How to be better at romance with your partner

9. Make a couple’s note and write some memorable dates that you share together. Checking it together after many years can be more fun and romantic.

10. Bring up some funny and fondest memories of your partner. It will come with a good remembrance and make you laugh together. For example, something he/she has told you about themselves when you first met can be more romantic.

11. If you’re working not too far from your partner, surprise them with homemade food or from their favorite restaurant during your pause.

12. Serve your partner breakfast in bed.

13. Plan a date night somewhere she loves to go and give it as a surprise.

How to romance your wife/girlfriend

14. Get To Know what makes her happy

When you consider what makes your partner smile, then you can go the extra mile to do it. Whatever you do should be what she likes and values. It does not worth it to give her something that she didn’t like, all your effort will be meanless. But as a romantic partner, knowing what he/she wants is very important. It would be nice to know what makes your partners happy and do it exactly. Is it a present or want to give them a surprise.

15. Pick her up at work and relief her from stress. This can be so romantic for women and make them feel loved.

16. Holding your partner’s hand in public can be more romantic for some people.

17. Telling your friends and family about how good and caring she’s in her presence can make your girlfriend/wife love you more.

18. You don’t need to be a professional poet before you write her a little poetry. You can learn how to write short poems that will make her laugh and feel loved. It’s all about being more romantic as a man.

Fantastic ways to be more romantic for her

19. Give her compliments on a regular basis. For example, baby you’re beautiful, you’re pretty, you’re very kind. Thank you for taking care of this family. These are romantic words that women love to hear.

20. Spark up your intimacy with her by watching a romantic movie together.

21. Activate a romantic conversation always, it’s healthy for a good relationship or marriage.

22. Ask her how you can be more romantic or what they find romantic and do that to make her happy.

23. Be creative and get dirty about how you express your love to her. Go crazy and let her feel loved.

24. Come with nice ideas of how to improve your relationship can be more romantic for a woman.

25. Making eye contact and listening actively is part of being romantic as a man. It shows you give her your full concentration.

Best tips to romance your husband/partner

26. Give him a surprise hug.

26. Appreciate and say thank you always. This means a lot to men.

27. Give him some minutes of commitment without doing anything.

28. Send him some crazy text or emotional emoji at work.

29. Give him more attention. The way women seek attention, so also do men.

30. Smile to him always, and let him know you’re happy with him.

31. Let these phrases be part of you and say them to him always. I miss you, you look great, you’re such a nice man. You’re one in a million etc.

31. Always appear new and attractive. Refresh yourself and maintain your beauty.

32. Try to be in charge in bed sometimes

33. Initiate sex with him.

34. Learn to write I’m sorry notes to him whenever you’re wrong. It’s romantic and you’re doing it to maintain your affection.

35. Play and make jokes with him. This will make him laugh and be happy.

36. Be patient and respect him.

Having realized that what people feel about being romantic differs, the bottom line is that learn how to make your partner happy. It’s all about love and what they find being romantic and do that in order to ignite the fire of intimacy in your relationship. Also being more romantic always gets you in good mood and avoids boredom in your relationship.

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