22 Qualities OF A Good Man You Should Marry

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Whenever a lady is ready to get married, she always desires or looks for a good man to marry. It’s the dream of a woman to achieve this aim. So this makes every woman want to settle down and marry a good man. Meanwhile, it’s not so easy like that to know who is a good man among millions of men out there. This tells us that the 22 qualities of a good man you should marry are highly needed.

When you know the qualities and adjectives that make a man, then it is easy for you to look for those characteristics in a man you want or intend to marry. So you don’t make mistakes just pick any man to marry. Choosing the wrong life partner has caused a lot of women to be heartbroken and many have made up their minds never to marry again.

Marriage is not a trial and error

Because marriage is not a trial and error and you must be sure of what you want before you go for it. So it requires patience and maturity for you to choose a good man to marry.

Also, you must not be too desperate, because some men can be fake and they’re not ready for marriage. When you push them too much, your desperation will block your face not to seeing those qualities that are necessary for a healthy relationship. It will be too late after a broken relationship or marriage that shows you that, he’s not the kind of man you intend to marry. So take your time and don’t rush.

However, there are a lot of good qualities to look for in a man but these are just some of the most important things that are expected to see in a man. Even though, some qualities come later in life as you get to know each other better.

Here are some good qualities aspiring to see in Mr. Right.

God Fearing

This is the most important quality of a good man. When a man has the fear of God, he has everything. All other qualities that a woman wants will be present in him. He will understand God’s principle as a man and how to treat his partner, that he must be honest, generous, provide and take good care of his partner.

However, a God-fearing man also knows the importance of prayer in a relationship. As the spiritual head of his home. He needs to be prayerful.


Honesty is a crucial element in a good man. Without honesty, the foundation of the relationship is shaken, so a man must be honest with his partner. Any relationship that is laid on lies can not go far. Because trust and faithfulness are keys to sustainability in a relationship. In order to avoid unnecessary suspicion and jealousy, honesty must have a root in the relationship. if you think you have the one, you are likely to want to be with him because he won’t hurt you by cheating on you with other men or women.


Every woman loves a man who gives willingly. When a man is generous, you will never lack. Meanwhile, it’s not when a man has a lot of money that makes him generous, but with the little, he has and is willing to share. That’s the type of man every woman wants to marry as a husband. Generosity is a beautiful quality of a good man to marry.

It means a lot in a relationship when you’re both generous to each other. It balances the equation because give and take make a good and healthy marriage.


This is the most common quality that every woman wants in a man they want to marry. A woman needs a kind husband that will make her feel loved and secure. When you marry a kind man, it gives you peace of mind and more relaxation in that relationship. Kindness is one of the fruits of the Spirit that must manifest in a man as a Christian. When you see a man that’s kind, hold on to him fast. It’s a nice and good attribute for a long-lasting relationship.


When a man is patient, it enables you to be yourself at all times. You will not be fearful. The patient is a quality of a good man to marry. With his patient, you can build a solid relationship together. He allows you to grow and follow your dreams. It’s another fruit of the Spirit that you should both have for a strong and happier relationship


A man must be hardworking before he’s qualified to be a good man to marry. No woman wants to marry a lazy man, because when the reality comes how would he provide for his family. A hardworking man is an asset to his partner and that’s when the relationship can move forward.


It’s another important quality to look for in a man for a successful marriage. When someone is compassionate, he will accept you for who you are. Compassion allows people to see their partner’s opinion and view things in a positive way. This helps in building trust and last-long relationships.


Every woman loves to have a dedicated man. A dedicated man always wants the best for their partner, and even his entire family by putting them first in everything they do. They prioritize the need of their partner over their own personal want. When you marry a dedicated man, you will always be in his mind. This increases your intimacy in your home and makes your love grow.


We can easily say, there is no serious relationship without a man being committed to it. It is after when he’s committed that you can be thinking of marrying him. Commitment is highly required as a quality of a good man to marry. When a man is committed, it makes him be faithful to his partner and it gives you an assurance that he will not be cheating on you. Which is required to build a strong relationship and in the end a blissful marriage.


Not every man is romantic, but it can be learned. What romantic means to a lot of women might also be different. If you have a specific taste for romance, for example, flowers or other things, you can tell him and teach him. Meanwhile, if he has other valuable qualities and is less romantic. This shouldn’t be a problem, because he can become very good at it over time and you will be amazed.

Even though it’s one of the qualities for some ladies to have a man that is romantic. Being romantic enhances intimacy in a relationship, it’s possible, he can earn it.


One of the most attitudes of a good man is friendly. Sometimes when a man is friendly, he’s also very kind. You can hardly see someone that’s friendly and not kind, They go hand in hand. Generally, women want to marry a man who is very free with everyone they come across. Someone that can communicate and fit in easily with other people immediately. It is one of the best qualities that is attracting women to men. They’re loving people.


A good man is loyal in everything. A loyal man is a candidate for a wonderful and beautiful couple. When a man is not loyal, he can ruin the relationship suddenly and he will be selfish which is not healthy for a relationship.

Qualities of a good man


Women always want a relationship with a man who can make them laugh and happy. They like a man that is always joyful. I’m pretty sure, no lady will like to be with a man who is always wearing a sad look. When a man is fun-loving, it’s a good quality to look for in a good man. It means he will always look for a way to put a smile on your face. Your relationship will not be boring.

That’s actually what a woman needs most time when you’re not in the mood. You need a man that can cheer you up when you’re down. It’s good for a happy marriage.


Being helpful is a trait of a good man. When you have a man that helps, life becomes easier and more pleasant for you in that relationship. No matter how few things he can help you to do, will go a long way to be useful and make you feel comfortable. Having a helpful partner will make your relationship grow faster and more enjoyable. It helps their partner to avoid nagging because they know how important it is, to give a helping hand to their partner.


Most women like a man that is charming and handsome. They love to associate with men of high charisma. It’s an attractive quality of a good man to many ladies. Even though the degree of charm might differ from woman to woman at the same time. They generally used to fall in love with a charming man as a sign of attraction.


Passion is one of the great qualities of a good man to marry. It’s the passion he has that will make him build a strong feeling and affection for you. A passionate man will always be excited or enthusiastic to do anything for his partner. He wants to do everything possible for the success of the relationship.

They have a special drive to make things work because of his willingness and ability. They’re ladies’ choices or candidates to marry. Passion will enable you to differentiate a man who is serious to be committed to a relationship from the unserious type. So passion is a necessity and one of the keys to a successful marriage.

Qualities of a good man


When a man has the thought of others in mind. It’s absolutely a characteristic of a good man to marry. This means he will be thinking about you. When someone is thinking about you, it’s also very kind. It gladdens the heart when you know that your partner is thinking about you no matter how busy he is. Women always want a man who is thoughtful as a partner in order to make a good and blissful home.


A man that is not responsible should not marry in the first place, because to be the man of the house comes with huge responsibilities. When you see a woman that is always joyful, happy, and feels loved. It shows that a responsible man is behind the scene. It’s a must-have quality of a good man. Taking care of a home, children’s school fees, house rent, and much more, everything must be up to date.

A man must be responsible before you make a decision and consider marrying him, otherwise, the relationship can not survive and the woman will suffer.


In order to know if a man is the right man for you to marry. You must be able to see a trace of being supportive in him. Because if a relationship is going to flourish and last longer, you need each other. You need his support in everything you do and vice versa. As an adage says, iron sharpens iron. That’s when you can grow together in love and it’s very important for a healthy relationship.


It’s another quality of a good man. He should be a man of his word so that you will be able to trust him as your partner. If he’s not there, you should be able to defend or stand for him. You should be able to say some things behind his back. When a man does not have integrity, he will behave anyhow, be dubious in character that will eventually tarnish your own image.

So integrity plays a vital role in choosing a life partner.


This is a good character to look for in a man to marry. When a man is caring, he’s also loving. Things will go smoothly well when a man is caring. You don’t need to ask a man to care for you if he really loves you and means business. It will show in his attitude towards you anyway if he’s a man that will care for you. I don’t care type of a man is never a husband material, so shine your eyes.


Women generally want to marry a man who will always give them attention. Someone who can listen to you most of the time. That will understand your feelings and emotions. Someone you can have his back in good and bad times. Sometimes women need men that are attentive and actively listening to them. He will know what you want and need without asking.

That’s the type of a man woman wants to marry. Sometimes someone who will be present, not an absentee husband. Women are attention seekers and that gives us joy and makes us happy.

Realistic Tips

Moreover, let us be realistic, it is not possible to find all these qualities in a man at a time. Because there is no perfect man anywhere. This is an unforgettable piece of advice that I got when I wanted to choose my husband. But when a man has most of them at the beginning of the relationship, he is a good man to choose as Mr. Right.

Because there is an assurance that he will be a great husband and a good father eventually. If you also have the good qualities that a man wants in a woman as a wife, then you complement each other and a healthy and blissful home is inevitable for both of you.

But remember if you set too many high standards for yourself can make most men be running away from you. You will not be able to observe and see those valuable qualities that are needed to start with. You should be flexible because if someone doesn’t have most of the qualities now, it’s possible he has them later, be aware that people also change. So you will not be disappointed to see some changes in your dream man.

Qualities of a good man to marry
Qualities of a good man to marry

It does not matter how long you’ve been married or been in a relationship. You can not know your partner enough. Because marriage or relationship is a school where you learn each other continuously.

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