12 Deal Breakers For Relationship To Watch Out For

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Whether you are in a new relationship or have been together for years, there’s always an understanding that certain behaviors and expectations need to be met. But what about when those expectations aren’t met or exceeded? It might be time to recognize that a deal-breaker is present. Therefore, the 12 deal breakers for a relationship to watch out for are highly recommended.

Most of us want our relationships to grow and thrive, but sometimes, it’s necessary to recognize when a relationship isn’t working. Learning how to identify red flags and deal breakers can help you make the right decision for yourself and your partner. Let’s dive into what are some of the most common deal breakers in relationships. So that you can be better prepared for recognizing them in your own relationship.

What Are Personal Deal Breakers

They are behaviors, attitudes, lifestyle choices, beliefs, or values (or lack thereof) that spell the end of a relationship

These are characteristics or habits that people cannot tolerate in their potential partners. Many people tend to hide some of these traits from their partners during the early stage of their relationship. Whenever their partners discover these particular habits, they want to think twice if this relationship is for them or if they want to pull out immediately.

Even though, the deal breakers might be different from person to person. For some people, if their partner smokes, that’s their own deal-breaker while others might be infidelity. People tolerate things differently and that’s why deal breakers are personal.

The Most Common Relationship Deal Breakers

Everyone has their own deal breakers for relationships. No two people are the same therefore, no two people will have the exact same expectations from a relationship. That said, there are some commonalities in terms of what turns off most people when it comes to relationships.

Let’s explore the biggest deal-breakers in relationships so that you can determine if it’s time to move on or stick it out.

Lack of Respect

Respect is key when it comes to successful relationships. Without respect, communication breaks down, feelings are hurt, and trust is lost. It’s important to remember that respect should be given on both sides of the relationship and not just one way. If your partner does not make an effort to show you respect, then this could signal a major deal-breaker.

Respect is essential for any healthy relationship. Whether it’s respect for one another’s opinions or respect for each other’s time. If this respect has been lost in your partnership then it may not be worth continuing. This lack of respect could manifest itself in various ways such as an unwillingness to compromise or being dismissive of each other’s feelings.

Disrespectful is a deal breaker

If this is something that you notice happening more frequently than not. Then it may be time to re-evaluate the dynamic between you and decide. If it’s best to move on before more hurt feelings arise due to disrespectfulness within the relationship.

Respect is key in any healthy relationship without it, a relationship simply won’t last. If your partner doesn’t show you respect or fails to recognize your feelings and opinions. Then this could be a major red flag that could spell trouble down the road. 12 Deal breakers for relationship to watch out for is an eye opener.

Unwillingness to Compromise

When two people are coming from different perspectives and have different needs. Compromise is essential in order for both parties to feel heard and valued. No one should ever feel like they have to give up their values or beliefs in a relationship but being able to meet each other halfway will help keep a healthy balance between partners. If your partner refuses to compromise in any situation.

This could be indicative of a deeper issue with respect or trust and could potentially be a deal-breaker. 12 deal breakers for relationship to watch out for is very essential.

Inability To Communicate Effectively

Communication is an important cornerstone of any relationship as it helps partners stay connected and understand each other better. Without effective communication, misunderstandings can arise which lead to tension between partners. So while occasional disagreements are normal, if your partner is unable or unwilling to communicate effectively on even basic topics.

Then there could be a sign of other issues such as lack of commitment or trustworthiness. Which could also prove fatal for your relationship.

Communication is essential in any successful relationship and if it’s lacking then things can quickly start to deteriorate. It’s important to be able to talk openly and honestly with each other about anything that comes up. So that issues don’t build up over time and cause bigger problems later on. Poor communication is one of the 12 deal breakers for a relationship to watch out for.

Trust Issues

One of the most important components of any relationship is trust. Without trust, a relationship will falter and eventually fail. If there are trust issues present in your relationship, whether from something that happened or from lack of communication. It is important to address them head-on with honesty and openness.

If these issues cannot be resolved, then it may be time to consider ending the relationship as trust is a cornerstone upon which all other aspects of a successful partnership depend.

Trust is another important factor in any relationship and if one or both parties have difficulty trusting each other. Then this can lead to resentment and mistrust which can eventually destroy the entire relationship. It’s important to work on establishing trust from day one so that you can build a strong foundation for your relationship going forward. It’s another great tip of 12 deal breakers for relationship to watch out for.

Incompatible Life Goals

It’s important that both partners have similar life goals when entering into a committed relationship. So that they can work together towards achieving them together as a team. If one partner wants something completely different from their future then the other person does. Then long-term compatibility becomes almost impossible as both partners will become dissatisfied with their situation down the road if left unresolved.

It is therefore crucial that these life goals are discussed openly at an early stage. In order for both partners involved to reach a conclusion about whether they will stay together. Or part ways amicably before things become too serious between them and emotions start getting involved unnecessarily once again.


Inconsistency can be extremely frustrating in relationships as well as detrimental to their long-term success. If your partner acts differently every few weeks or months. It will be difficult to know what to expect from them which could lead to feelings of insecurity and anxiety over time. 12 Deal breakers for relationship to watch out for, inconsistency is one of them.

Lack of emotional or sexual intimacy

When your partner does not respect your feelings, it makes you feel unloved. You will be thinking maybe they’re cheating on you. Because sexual intimacy is one of the ingredients that enhance the long-lasting and stronger relationship.

Have an Addiction

When one of the partners is addicted to particular habits, for example, he/she is into drugs. They’re trying to force the other to cope with the bad behavior that can ruin their lives. Definitely, it’s one of the deal breakers that can cut off a relationship in a short time. It’s one of the 12 deal breakers for relationship to watch out for.

Disagree on essential issues

Are you always having hot arguments about every little thing? That’s not normal. When you cannot agree on just little issues, then essential issues will automatically be a big issue. This is another one of the universal deal breakers. It’s because the relationship can not move forward unless you agree on the most important issues.

Even though it’s ok if you disagree once in a while but not always. When it has become a regular occurrence, it’s a deal breaker, and reconsider your relationship whether it’s going to last long or not.

Physical Abuse

It’s one of the common deal-breakers in a relationship. It occurs very often when some people cannot control their temper. It’s one of the things that end a relationship so soon. Many people have lost their lives in abusive relationships. When this is happening, it’s time to make a decision before things go out of hand. Physical abuse is definitely a deal breaker that you should not ignore.


This is another common issue in a relationship that is considered a deal breaker. When a partner cannot tame themselves and always jumps from one person to another. It kills relationships fast than you might think. When someone cannot trust their partner, is dishonest, and betrayer, they’re all deal breakers for many people. 12 deal breakers for relationship to watch out for, cheating is one of the biggest deal breakers that ruin relationships fast.

When to Know It’s Time to Move On

Deal-breakers can vary from person to person but some universal signs include a lack of respect. Inability/unwillingness to compromise, and ineffective communication skills. Keeping these things in mind can help you recognize potential issues within your own relationship before they become too serious and cause irreparable harm.

Ultimately it’s up to you whether or not you want to stay with your partner or decide it’s best for both of you to part ways. But recognizing the warning signs now can save you heartache later on down the road.

What are the Biggest Deal-Breakers in Relationships?

At the end of the day, no one knows what’s best for you but yourself. So make sure you take some time alone after identifying any potential deal breakers in your current relationships. So that you can think things through clearly without pressure from either side. While making sure that all angles are considered thoroughly before making any decisions on how best to proceed with your current situation.

Remember communication is key when dealing with complicated matters like this one. So make sure that all parties involved are open and honest throughout this process.

Relationships are hard work but they’re also rewarding when done right. Knowing what deal breakers might cause issues down the line is key when trying to maintain a healthy, long-term partnership with someone special. So hopefully this blog post has shed some light on some common things that you should look out for when it comes to deal breakers.

Deal breakers for relationship to watch out for

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