10 Ways On How To Fight For Your Relationship

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There is no relationship or marriage that does not have its own challenges. There will be some time when you will be asking yourself what is really going on in your relationship. It’s natural to be anxious and not feel secure at a point. This may actually make you behave irrationally toward your partner. By so doing fueling the problem to escalate. 10 ways how to fight for your relationship cannot be overlooked.

When you’re looking for a way to fight for your relationship, there should be a way to solve the matter amicably without hot arguments.

How can you fight for your relationship/marriage?

When you are determined to do everything possible to make your relationship work. This means you’re fighting for what you love. You’re ready to surrender and say bye-bye to every habit that is causing misunderstanding between you and your partner.

When you’re looking for how to do the fight, you first need to know that the changes you want must start with you. Believe in yourself and acknowledge that you can take your relationship further and improve it rather than looking for a way to exit. There are different ways to revive your relationship back to life even without having every conversation with your partner. You need to talk much to yourself, yes because you have the power to do it if you want to.

The reason why you should fight for your relationship

Are you wondering why do I need to fight for the man or the woman you love? It is a good thing to do because you can never find a perfect relationship or marriage. When you both love each other, is worth fighting for love and finding a way to settle things.

You may be thinking if your partner is still interested in the relationship. One of you just needs to take the courage and start a good fight. You will be amazed that he/she will respond and reciprocate. Then you will see that it’s really worth fighting for your relationship.

Fight for your love

When you fight for what you love, it shows that you still love your partner despite all odds.

It also shows that you want to rebuild trust again and you’re ready to be there for them. This is what they call maturity in a relationship or marriage. Thereafter your love for each other will be generally improved.

You will see that there is no problem between you and your partner that can not be resolved. It will give you the urge not to give up on your lover.

You may lose the best partner if you did not take the bold step to fight for them before is too late. So you can see that rise up to save your relationship/marriage will never be in vain. Because you will never regret your action, it’s worth doing it.

How to fight for your relationship

These are some of the best ways to save your relationship/marriage

Take Time to reflect

The first and the best thing to do is to identify the causes of the problem what went wrong and how. Reflection will help you to see the whole picture of what happened in the past. So that you can learn from it and make an amendment. It will also help you to know where you are at the moment and what you actually want. Do you want more trust in him/her and want to feel safe?

When you identify where things went wrong, and what effort you’ve made so far to make things better, then it will be easy to know how you want to start to come closer and have intimacy with each other again.

Accept responsibility

It is advisable when you want to fight for your relationship or marriage to avoid shifting blame. Accept and take full responsibility for your action. Don’t nag or criticize your partner especially when you see their positive way of accepting your offer. You can choose to be nice and avoid being rude even when your partner antagonizes you.

Talk calmly and let them see that you really want to be changed. This will also help your partner to see their own fault in the matter. Peace and happiness will be restored in your home.

You need to deal with your emotions

When you’re fighting for your relationship, your emotional and physical feelings have to be dealt with. Avoid taking things too personally or try to seek pity and connect with a third party. It could be dangerous for a relationship that is heading towards a rock, especially when the situation is very tough.

Having said that, you can still look for someone who you really trust and that will not take your side but tell you the truth. You need someone that can understand the whole situation.

Are you dwelling in the past?

You need to let go of the past if you really want to save the new relationship. Because your past can have a negative influence on the present situation.

Maybe your past experience is making you to jealous or suspect your partner unnecessarily. Have you been cheated on before and maybe that’s why you’re always curious about every move of your new partner?

Do you think your family background or the way you were brought up is affecting your attitude? what are your expectations?

Do you think that your partner did not understand you better or maybe you’ve not opened up to him/her? You need to figure out all these.

Give sincere answers

You should answer all these questions sincerely if you want to save your relationship. It could be that you’re the problem just because you’re holding on to your past. Also, you should avoid comparing your past to your present. Some people may say, even their past relationship was far better than the present. It’s one of the reasons why you should fight for what you love. Because the more you leave one relationship for another, the more problems you face in the future. Every relationship has its unique issues.

Is there still any attraction?

What are the things that attract you to each other? Do you still find your partner attractive or no more attraction? At this junction, you may want to reflect back on what do I see in him/her. Maybe you get irritated and pis off by your partner now and the situation is really hard.

Even though their lots of things that make people attracted to each other but people do change. It’s possible those qualities are no more visible again. For example, the person who was so caring and attentive now doesn’t want to hear your voice again. Someone that is very humble now turns out to be arrogant.


You need to sit down and remember what was the first thing that attract you to him/her and check why the point of attraction has become something else. This is another way to save your relationship or marriage and reinstate the interest back.

Know that there is no perfect relationship

You should know that in any relationship, there is no way your partner will not hurt you. They’re normal occurrences. When you realize that, you will not expect your partner to be perfect or know all that you want. Every relationship has up and downs time, and that’s the truth and reality.

However, when you feel disappointed and hurt, try to understand why your partner reacts in such a way. It might not be intensional because understanding matters in every relationship. Nobody plan to be naughty or embarrass his/her partner for no reason. There must be something behind their action. When fighting for the one you love, understanding is key.

Avoid the wrong conclusion

Also jumping to the wrong conclusion is another problem in a relationship or marriage that can put any relationship on hold. When fighting for your relationship, that attitude has to stop. Do not judge too fast or conclude but rather put yourself in your partner’s situation. Maybe what you think is far from reality. Take time to do your investigation before taking the wrong action.

Recognize what is working in your relationship or marriage

One of the best ways to fight for your relationship is to identify all the good aspects of your partner. You should avoid looking for the wrong side of him/her. Learn to appreciate each other, everyone wants to be praised and you will see the good side of your partner.

Always affirm the positive things your partner has done. Talk about their love and care and efforts that make things work. When you’re saying this to your partner, it will help you not to dwell on their negativity.

Know that you’re on the same team

When you realize that you’re working towards the same goal, it will help you to the fight. Because the aim and objectives of any conflict are to win together. If you know this if one loses, you both lose. When you know that you’re together on the same side can settle the issue and quench the fire of conflicts immediately.

That’s another powerful way to fight for what you love. When you see yourself the same as your partner helps a lot and is very crucial in a relationship.

Manner of approach

This plays a massive role in any relationship or marriage. The way you present things to your partner matters. When fighting for your relationship or marriage, choose your word carefully. Be kind and humble in the way you talk or address issues. The way you talk will show if you’re attacking, criticizing, or commanding your partner. All these are the things that are always destroying relationships.

Even though emotions are usually high during fights, it’s always important to make measured statements and give your partner calm responses during disputes.

Improve your communication

Can my relationship or marriage be saved? Yes, it can but you need to change your communication skills and the way you talk to him/her.

For example, where are the kids? you’ve forgotten them again? which kind of mother/father are you? You will never change.

Dear, I have not seen the kids. Are they still in school? You must have been very tired or had a tough day at work.

With these two scenarios, we can see the power of communication. The way you express your feelings counts.

Is there hope for your relationship/marriage?

Yes, there is hope. Many things lead to a big issue between couples, separation, and even divorce. They were those little things that happen every day which can be resolved before they become big and go out of hand. But if both of you are willing to fight together to make things work, you want to talk about the problems and indifference in a mature way.

I have heard some people saying if I had known I could have been patient enough to save my home instead of rushing out. Regret always comes after things must have been damaged. Sit back and work things out with your partner and you will be happy that you’ve saved your home.

Think Twice

Because going out of the relationship or marriage might seem good but outside there is not also easy. Except for domestic violence which can make one exit an abusive relationship. Fighting for your love can be the best thing ever because you can never avoid conflict in a relationship. When you realize this will make the reconciliation easy and faster, then you will both see the positive result that you both want in your relationship.

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