Importance Of Sex In A Marriage And Its Health Benefits

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Sex is an obligatory act in marriage because it’s God’s idea for procreation. Success in marriage has been linked to intimacy. It’s not a sin or dirty game to have sexual intimacy with your spouse. The importance of sex in a marriage and its health benefits cannot be underestimated. What keeps the bonds alive in a marriage is sex because love and affection go down without intimacy.

What brings intimacy and togetherness, which is needed for a long-lasting relationship between couples is sex. The sexual intimacy you have built when you are both active will go a long way till your old age.

A lot of benefits are attached to this important aspect of marriage. Here are the real benefits of sex, that you should know that will nourish your marriage.

Enhances intimacy

Apart from the pleasure that you enjoy, sex also increases your level of commitment and emotional connection with your spouse. Research shows that couples that are having sex regularly have a lower chance of divorce. Because of the expression of love and care, they share during sex. This enhances a blissful marriage.

Intimacy is one of the vital ingredients that is recommended for any marriage. Lack of intimacy can result in bitterness, unstable, and even broken relationships.

Not only would there be positive implications on your relationship as one of the benefits of regular sex, but the health benefits of sex can also be enormous.

Importance of sex in a marriage

Makes you happy

Sex plays a vital role in a marriage. It is the only natural source of excitement that moves your relationship forward. During sex, you forget everything that worries you. Love is the only language that you understand. It’s like a source of joy in a home between you. There is no shame during the act.

The pleasure and affection you enjoy during sex make you happy naturally. Joy and happiness cannot be compared with anything else. Because it comes from a pure heart of love. This is one of the best importance of sex in a marriage and its health benefits.

According to research, your rate of happiness generally increases. A more consensual sex-active life makes you happy and feel good about yourself.

Bonds physically, emotionally, and psychologically

Apart from the physical bond with your spouse, sex helps you to connect emotionally and psychologically. You have most especially during a misunderstanding. Many issues can be resolved in bed during sex and restore things to normal.

Helps to relieve stress

One of the best ways for a couple to relax and relieve stress is through sex. Can you imagine coming home after a rigorous working day, being tired and under pressure? You must know that having your spouse beside you is the only way to relax your nerves. You will not only enjoy your partner’s body but also take the stress off your shoulders.

Stress response hormones are reduced by sex. Cortisol and adrenaline (epinephrine), can last for more than 24 hours. This is an effective therapy to manage stress. Research also proves that lower sex life triggers chronic stress, which every couple would like to avoid. Sex is an antidote to reducing stress. This is another key to the importance of sex in a marriage and its health benefits.

Chronic stress can lead to many life-threatening diseases. This is not good for any home.

Reciprocate love and affection for each other

What you don’t normally say to each other, you will hear during sex. Because you are in your comfort zone and being real to each other. Some make promises that solidify their homes. Couples like to express their love and affection, and it’s effortless to pour out your feelings while having sex with your partner.

Eliminate extramarital affairs

There is no room for looking outside when you have a healthy sex life. Nothing else will attract or tempt you outside when you are satisfied in the house. Here is another fantastic importance of sex in a marriage and its health benefits. A healthy sex life brings full security and enhances trust in the marriage.

It helps to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Sexually related infections can be avoided when you are faithful to your partner.

It promotes longevity

In the beginning, love and attraction play a key role in a marriage. If your relationship will continue and keep flourishing, sex is the only sacred thing that will always bring you together. It’s the commitment you have to each other. You can not get it from somebody else except your spouse. Sex purifies and solidifies your vows. It becomes the necessary ingredients that ensure the longevity of your home.

Reduce stroke and hypertension

Endorphins are the brain chemical that is released during sex. It helps to reduce irritation and depression. When your sex life is optimal, you are at peace. Your blood pressure is being regulated which reduces the chances of having a stroke and hypertension. Oxytocin is another special hormone that increases nipple stimulation and various sexual activity. It helps in calmness and aids satisfaction.

Boost self-esteem

Do you know that having sex regularly can increase your self-esteem? Insecurity will be reduced drastically. Your self-confidence will come alive. You will begin to have a bright mindset and positive thinking yourself.

High-quality sleep

Orgasms trigger the release of the prolactin hormone. It helps to improve good sleep, especially having sex at night.

Helps prostate

Do you know that regular sex is good for the prostate? When men are having sex often, it reduces prostate enlargement or inflammation that normally affects men that is above age 40.

As a Christian, God is interested in your marriage. When you are faithful sexually to your spouse, you are being faithful to God. Because as the bible says, God will judge the immoral and adulterous.

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