How To Keep Romance Alive In A Christian Home

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When a couple marries new, the fire of romance is always very hot. The love language is very active and visible. But as time goes on, it gets colder and colder because of a lack of rekindling. As the bible says in Hebrew 13:4 marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled. Many homes are facing a lot of challenges because their romance life has been diminished. Both couples have really gone apart. This is not the original plan of God. How to keep romance alive in a Christian home is highly recommended.

Do you know that you can bring back the good memories of your romance? Has there been a long gap between you and your spouse because of a decrease in romance? Are you struggling with how to have more intimacy with your spouse as a Christian? I have good news for you. Here are some tips to revive your romance live back and you will enjoy each other as it ought to.

Talk about it

Many Christians are dying in silence because they are too spiritual. Remember that marriage is God’s agenda and meant to be enjoyed not to suffer in it.

You need to talk and listen to each other. Many times in the journey of marriage, you can realize that you and your spouse are missing each other even though none of you travels. A lot of things can be the reason, for example, our busy schedule, and much more. Your spouse may be feeling your absence without you being aware of it.

If you did not talk about it, this can create a big gap between both of you. As a Christian couple, we always discuss so many other important things about our home. Such as our future, investment, children’s school fees and a lot more. Many Christians are feeling shy to discuss this aspect of intimacy called s*x not until it’s causing a lot of damage in their homes. That tells us that romance is equally important just like any other thing in a marriage.

Moreover, when the fire of romance has gone down between couples. This has resulted in extramarital affairs because of a lack of intimacy in their homes. Even many couples have divorce because of this issue called s*x. When both couples are not connecting again.

Hugs and Kisses is important

As a godly couple, rekindle your romance life is very necessary. You need to go back to your original love. Remember your beginning. Many men can no longer hug or kiss their spouse, they just want to go straight to the action. Generally, women like and enjoy romances before the real action started.

Give your wife what she loves most. Also, most women often refuse genuine hugs and kisses just for the wrong assumption that maybe their spouse wants something else. Do you know that this attitude can push your spouse away? This is one of the best ways on how to keep the romance alive in a Christian home. This means you need to know the love language of your partner in other to satisfy each other.

Keep dating each other

This is very important when you do this often. You are getting more closer to each other just like at the beginning of your marriage. Do you remember those days when you can not do anything without each other? That’s what dating does. It makes you feel like you are on a honeymoon anytime you do this. It’s like you are renewing your love again.

Be sensitive to each other.

Moreover, for romance to be back the way it should be, it requires a lot of work and effort. It can not just come with the words of the mouth, it must be accompanied by action and determination. Here are some ways to be sensitive and attractive to each other again.

Look at each other’s face to face

When last did you look at your spouse’s face? To ignite the spark of romance back to your home, looking at each other closely is one of the best ways. You will love to look at the one you love eye to eye. Eye contact is the first step to attraction and the best way to keep the romance alive in a Christian home.

Do some activities together

You can do activities that can connect you and boost your intimacy at least once a week such as watching love or romantic movies. There is a show that I always watch together with my husband called tryst corner. It’s all about singles that are looking for a life partner. It’s very romantic and we both love the show and it’s like bringing our love memory back to life again and it enhances our intimacy.

Look for something that you both like, it may be something else to relax with. Once you start, it will become part of you and you will be looking forward to it.

In any Christian home, Intimacy is what both couples should deliberately take seriously. Where couples are very close, forgiveness is very easy, misunderstanding and offenses will be minimal because you are sensitive to each other. You don’t want to break your spouse’s heart because you are always doing things together. You are like Romeo and Juliet.

Seduce and tempting each other

Yes, anything you both like is allowed in your home. Learn to seduce your partner, don’t be too spiritual, and allow your marriage to be boring. Bring fun and romance into your home. Put your heads or legs on one another in the sitting room. Be free to express your affection to each other. As a godly wife, you know what you can wear in your bedroom that will temp your husband. Just do it occasionally and make him happy. The feelings will go a long way as you grow older in life. This is another fantastic way on how to keep the romance alive in a Christian home.

Kiss your spouse often and softly

Kissing each other often is one of the tools to ignite the fire of romance. It’s your partner, kissing should be flowing easily.

Bathe together

This may look somehow funny to some people, but it actually works. Just remember the first week of your marriage or even your honeymoon. Those things you were doing together then. Bring those memories back and spice up your intimacy. You can choose to bathe together once in a while.

Eat together

Learn to eat together even on the same plate. If you haven’t tried this before, why not given it a trial. When you are eating you are talking at the same time. Most especially, women love to hear good comments about the food. How their partner feels about the food. Those talks can turn romantic along the line. Remember your partner is your best friend that you will like to do anything with.

When couples choose to do some of these tips, it brings you closer to each other. It looks simple but it means a lot.

Massage each other

You don’t need to be a professional. Just learn to massage your spouse’s legs or fingers for just 2-5 minutes when you are both relaxing. It doesn’t matter how long but the feeling that comes afterward solidify and brings your romance alive.

Touch each other

This is one of the fantastic ways of connecting to your spouse. Touching each other can be in diverse ways. Just holding hands can mean so much to your spouse more than you can imagine.

Undress each other

Learn to undress each other. By doing this, you are sending the love signal that travels fast than word of the mouth. If you have not used to it, give it a trial and you will be amazed at the outcome.

Discover and exploit more

It’s not a sin to learn more about how to keep your romance alive in your home. God dwells in a peaceful home where joy and happiness reside. Discover and exploit more of those things that will keep binding you to each other.

Moreover, it is possible that your spouse is not being romantic, do you know that you can teach him/her. This is absolutely pure love, telling your spouse how to handle you wherever you want. It is not a sin but part of discovery in your marriage life.

Affirm your spouse regularly

Don’t wait for people outside to give your spouse a good compliment. Tell your spouse how you feel about him/her most especially when they are well-dressed. These words such as“Wao dear you look handsome, darling you look beautiful. Words of affirmation make your spouse happy and it’s like the matches that light up the candle of your love.

Create your code words

I love this point, you can have your own words that only two of you know what it means. They are called romantic words most especially when your children are around. For example, can you take me on a journey without holding a string? However, Be creative when it comes to the romantic affairs between you and your spouse.

Initiation by women

Women can also initiate the move of romance that will lead to s*x. Don’t leave it for the men alone all the time. I came to realize this after many years of marriage. It shows that you are mature and makes your man happy. After all, it’s your husband, When you want it, voice out and tell him, he will understand.

All these physical contact increases your affection towards each other.

When it comes to intimacy, there is more to it than what you think you know. The more you desire to learn and do it, the closer you become and your love for each other grows. You need to prioritize your intimacy.

When you see a couple doing greatly well and very close to each and you wonder how. Romance is one of the things they do. Even when they have challenges but with the level of their intimacy, it will make it easy for them to settle fast and move on. This shows that keeping romance alive in a Christian home should be encouraged.

For you to enjoy long-lasting love with your spouse as a Christian, intimacy is one of the keys that propels the wheel of a blissful home. Mind you, you will get to know each other more and take your marriage to the next level.

Everything is possible if only you desire it. In a Christian home, spirituality is good but your romantic life must not be neglected. You both need to keep connecting so that the fire will keep on burning. In a home where both are balanced, affection, progress, and peace are visible.

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I will like to read from you. How did you keep the romance alive in your home?

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