15 Wonderful Things That Guys Secretly Love

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Men are generally fantastic with it comes to love. There are some little things that women do that make them feel more loved. They enjoyed them more than you can think of. Men cherish those small deeds that women do, but they’re the things that you don’t really count. Do you know that is what makes that guy die for your love? 15 wonderful things that guys secretly love in a girl are highly recommended.

Even though what men secretly love in a woman differs. But the majority of men enjoyed them without asking for them. When women are in love, they just do some things naturally without even thinking about it. So what are those things that your guy loves secretly but will never ask for it?

Here are some of the things that men find attractive in a woman. It could be some habit and little acts that seem so small to you but your guy actually enjoys it secretly.

15 things that women do that men really love secretly

Put your head on his chest

Men like it when you put your head on their chest watching TV or just relax in the sitting room. Your guy may not talk but check his reaction. When lying down in bed and doing your small talk, they love it when you put your head on his chest or his lap. It makes them feel relaxed and helps you to bond more.

It’s one of the best romantic feelings having your woman’s head on your chest. Also, enjoy her warm arm being put on your body. It’s absolutely romantic.

Ask you for help

This always increases men’s confidence in their women. Knowing that she recognizes and references you for asking for your support. It’s one of the ways that women feel secure and feel proud of their men that she has someone that can support them in any situation.

Men find this habit very attractive in a woman because they love recognition.

Taking the first initiation

When a guy is in love with you and he doesn’t know how to express his feeling. Some guys love it when you make the first move. This can come in any form. Some guys may like to take it easy and don’t want to rush. But it can be helpful for a guy that’s very shy. He will love and cherish seeing you taking the initiation. It’s one of the best tips from 15 wonderful things that guys secretly love.

Send a message to him first

The way women feel affection so also men do. Guys want to feel loved too especially when they receive a love message from a woman that has been eyeing them. He will receive it with great joy and happiness. Are you waiting for that guy to text you? Try to text him first and tell him how you feel about him. You will be amazed at his reaction. Morning time is the best time to text him, he will be thinking about you throughout the day.

He cannot wait to come and see you with much affection. It’s part of what a guy loves secretly in a relationship.

Let him know how much you appreciate him

Everyone loves to be praised. When a guy is doing wonderfully well make sure the relationship is progressing. He will love to hear and will be pleased to know how much you appreciate him. It helps him to do more.

Let him know how you feel

Guys really love when you tell them how you feel. It makes him give you his best. Some guys can read your mind through actions but others can not. So your guy will appreciate it when you open up and tell them how you feel. For example, how is performing sexually? Oh yes, guys love to hear that, and this boosts his ego as a man. One of the unique keys from 15 wonderful things that guys secretly love. Men generally love it when you express yourself.

Scratch his hair while driving

They secretly love this during driving. It makes them feel a little touch. You can also just tap him on the shoulder or his lap. This will make him smile and show that you’re together, even though he’s the one driving. Sometimes I do it unconsciously and my hobby enjoys it.

Boast about him in front of your friends and family

Men want to hear that they’re very nice to you in presence of friends and family. They love when you give a positive comment about them. Bragging about your man gladdens his heart. It gives him joy as a man when you make him proud in the presence of others. He might not say anything right there but when you get home, you will hear his comment.

Give him respect in the presence of others

This is one of the things that men love secretly. When you give him respect outside, wao he will be proud of you. I remembered when I was still dating my husband, the first day he took me to his parent. His father was calling him but he didn’t hear him. So I decided to help to call him.

Meanwhile, I used to call him by his first name but that day I called him with respect because in my culture I must not call him like that. I called him like 5 times he did not answer because he was not used to it. We both laughed when he eventually responded but later he told me, that I made him proud in the presence of his parents, and because of that little deed. It means a lot to him.

However, respect can be in any form, just learn to give him and you will get it back.

Put on his clothes

Have you tried this before? Men love it not only secretly but also openly. I did it often when my husband traveled and I know he will be coming back that day. Immediately when he sees me in his cloth, he will say, I can see you’ve been missing me and I miss you too. 15 wonderful things that guys secretly love allow you to try some things and do them differently.

Men love to receive their first text message of the day

Naturally speaking it’s men that champion most of the things about love. But when you first send him a romantic love message in the morning, it’s part of what men enjoy and makes their day.

When their women laugh and are happy

Men do love to see their women laugh and always be happy. It gives them joy and it’s a sign that they’re responsible. Because when there is peace at home, you can easily see it from the face of the woman and vice versa.

Moreover, some men can do anything just to make their women laugh and be happy even in a challenging situation. So as a woman always put a smile on your face when he’s doing his job and this makes your man happy. It also encourages him to do his best in the relationship.

Men love when their women are caring

Every woman loves to marry a very caring man so also a man. Men love to be taken care of. Caring doesn’t need to be something big. Just a welcoming smile and hug when he comes home is what some men love. While others enjoy you preparing a favorite meal. A little attention after a long hard work day. When they’re sick, we’re their first doctor because they believe and trust in us. Men cherish all these little acts from their loving partners.

Men love it when you go out with friends and remember to text them

This is one of the best things that men love. It enhances their trust. Just to text him and ask how are you doing make him feel great and feel secure. There is a high tendency that men do jealous. But when you text him, it’s a sign that you’re thinking about him. They love it secretly. Some guys will not ask why you didn’t text him but when you do, it removes the fear of doubt. It also tells him that you’re safe where you are.

He might overthink it and not text you at all, which could leave you wondering. Making the first move will help you both out.

They love it when you show understanding

All the attention has always been on women for decades, but now things have changed. Both men and women deserve to be loved and happy in their relationship. Though men have the responsibility to take care of their women, so also women should take care of their men. Let’s do all the little things our men love and take our relationship/marriage forward and stronger.

Things that guys secretly love love

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