9 Ways On How To Be Happy In A Relationship

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Many things can make someone unhappy in a relationship or marriage if you’re looking for one. Do you know that it is easy for anyone to find problems in their relationship? When you’re looking for trouble all the time, things will never go smoothly between you and your partner and it affects your happiness. 9 ways to be happy in a relationship are highly recommended.

How to be happy in a relationship

When you realize that no one is perfect, you will take it easy with your partner. Because even our family, friends, and ourselves are not perfect. Everyone has their shortcoming.

I can understand that no matter what you do, it’s difficult for you to be happy. For example, Are you in an abusive relationship? Is the situation really bad? You’ve tried all your possible best to make things work but to no avail. But when you see that you genuinely love each other, you’re compatible, you can make a future together. Then it is worth putting more effort and work into those things that will make you happy in such a relationship.

Meanwhile, happiness cannot just happen like that, it requires a lot of effort. All that you need to be happy in your relationship is inside of you. If you desire to release it happiness is at your fingertips.

There are daily choices that you need to make that will determine how happy you will be in your marriage or relationship. You need to be actively involved and make intentional choices to sustain your happiness.

Useful Questions

When you need them most, is your partner always standing by you? Are they always available and supportive? Do you love seeing them in the morning when you awake? Are they the last person you love to sleep with at night? How about their families and friends, do you have a good relationship with them? If your answers to all these questions are sincere yes, then you’re in a healthy relationship and there is every possibility for you to be happy if you want it.

These are recommendations that can help you from a relationship expert on how to be happy in a relationship coupled with my own experience. I have realized over 20 years of marriage that, happiness in a relationship doesn’t just come but it’s what you earn daily. I have also seen that being happy in a relationship is a choice that you make every day. Even amid misunderstandings, we always find a common ground to settle amicably because I don’t want to be sad.

Many times as humans, many things can make you sad, but you just need to choose happiness over those things. Because there are some things you don’t have control over, so put them aside and be joyful. That’s the irony of life.

Cease to be right always

You have to choose between being right and being happy if you want to enjoy and be happy in your marriage/relationship. When you realize that even though your partner sees things differently does not mean you’re right or they’re wrong. When you accept that ideology, even when you have conflict you will not claim you’re right.

Because disagreement or misunderstanding is part of what makes you grow in love. It helps you to work on each other with love. Do you know that having a different opinion sometimes is a path to a healthy relationship? This means you recognize and appreciate each other’s perspectives and feelings.

Don’t try to change your partner

In any relationship, it will be difficult for anyone to think that you can change him/her to suit your taste. When you realize that people cannot be changed no matter what, you will be happy. If you can value your partner and love them the way they are. It’s good and healthy rather than want to force them to be what they don’t want but what you want them to be. You will only end up in frustration and disappointment. So let your partner be who they are and you will be happy.


If you want to be happy in your relationship, learn to show gratitude to your partner. When you’re appreciative of a little thing. It gives him/her to do more. Everyone loves to be praised, so let it be part of your daily routine. You will be surprised how happier you will be because you will always see the positive side of your partner.

Allow yourself to be happy in a good relationship,” relationship coach Melinda Carver. You have all the trappings of happiness around you so now kick back and reap the benefits. “This is the key to an attitude of gratitude being grateful for a healthy and happy relationship with your partner,” says Carver.

You should be grateful for the kind of partner that you have. It will help you to see all the good things your partner has done. Because the ungrateful people will never see any good thing in their partners except negative. Do you know that grateful people are happy people? Identify the good things you’ve achieved together and celebrate them, even what is working and how you care for each other. It is worth mentioning and gives you joy and happiness.

Recognize that you’re different

Knowing that you’re two different people that come together, will help you a lot in your relationship. You will know that despite being different, you work towards the same goal. You share some paths and interests, but sometimes you may have a different opinion. That’s normal because you may not always have the same taste in everything.

Remember the common ground you share will make you get along with your partner. Having your partner by your side will help you reach your goal and find happiness in whatever you do.

When you respect and honor the differences between you, it’s healthy for your relationship and you will be a happy person.

Focus on yourself

For you to be happy in your relationship/marriage, you need to focus on yourself. Avoid blaming your partner for everything that goes wrong. Maybe you had a hard and terrible day at work. Are you releasing all the stress on your partner? You need to practice self-care because you deserve to be happy

Shamira Howard-Blackburn, sex and relationship therapist and owner of Conquest Counseling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, tells Bustle. “In relationships, there is a lot of focus on what we should be doing for our partners. To be available to anyone else, we must take care of ourselves.” If you’re on a good track, you’ll be too busy and happy to find all of the things that are wrong with your partner. “People are most happy in a relationship when they are happy with themselves.

Pay attention to the good deeds of your partner

Stop taking the bad records of your partner, if you want to be happy in your relationship. Some people are very good at keeping stock of all the bad things their partner has done since they’ve been together. With such an attitude, you can never be happy. When you are determined to focus on the good things they have done makes you happy.

However, this does not mean you should not express your feelings when you feel bad, it’s allowed but be mature in your reaction. You will definitely step on each other’s toes but learn to let go easily and don’t dwell too much on it because it will affect your happiness negatively.

Be Kind and Respect your partner

If you want to be happy in your marriage or relationship, be kind to your partner and treat him/her with respect. I’m very sure you don’t want to shout and be too harsh on your friends because you don’t want to lose your good friends. When you try to do the same to your partner, you will be happy together.

Most people will not like to be judgemental or ridicule their friends and family, but when it’s their partner, they can treat them like trash. You will never be happy when you treat him/her like nobody. But happiness comes when you show kindness and respect them like a king or queen. When you learn to treat your lover like your best friend. It’s the best way to be happy and also good for a long and lasting relationship.

Be open

Openness is key in a relationship/marriage. To be happy, you must be very open to your partner. When you’re keeping to yourself and moody, your partner will never know what you’re going through and whether you need help or not. The happy couple always talks and is open to each other, that’s when they can share and encourage each other, and happiness and joy will flow in their relationship.

Moreover, when you learn to open up about that part of your life or your past that you think was very bad. You will realize that it wasn’t as terrible as the picture you’re projecting. It will even help you to get over it and be healed. Then happiness will come because you will be positive about yourself.

Avoid revealing your secret to others

Whatever you have with your partner, let it be between you. When you’re telling others what you’re going through in your marriage or relationship can make you unhappy. Do you know that mostly when you’re not happy, the way you will talk about your partner will be full of negatives then the advice you will also get will be negative? You will say what you shouldn’t tell others about him/her.

Some people will give you bad advice out of jealousy which will increase your bitterness against your partner. You will be happy if you can learn to keep your secret.

You’ve been married for a couple of years, or in a relationship. Things just change suddenly, you’re now finding your partner’s fault for no reason. You’re getting on each other’s nerves every time. If you can stop that habit, do you know you will be happy in your relationship/marriage again?

Remember you cannot get happiness by being mean but earn happiness when you’re kind. Do you know that you have control over being happy in your relationship? if you desire to be happy? The Bible says a cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones (Proverbs 17: 22). Happiness comes from your daily habits, behavior, and mind so choose it.

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