30 Ways On How To Compliment A Guy

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How often do you compliment your man? When you’re praising your husband always, it shows you value and appreciate him in your life. When you’re telling him the sweet words that will make him feel great. It’s one of the ways to spark the fire of romance in your relationship. 30 ways on how to compliment a guy is highly recommended.

What compliments does is that you’re telling him that you trust and support him as your man and the only lover of your life. This attitude increases his self-confidence and even self-esteem. He feels that you love what he’s doing and you’re happy with him.

Your words of compliments

It makes him feel secure and special in a relationship/marriage.

Do you know when you compliment your man when he didn’t expect it, will make him love you and be even more committed to you? He will be dying for your love. Do you remember how you felt when you receive some romantic compliments from him? Let him feel the same by flattering him with the best compliments he wants to hear from his sweetie.

The best way to compliment a man is when you focus your compliment on the thing he loves and cherishes most. He makes them feel on top of the world. It is also good to make your compliment specific, its shows you pay attention to all his details.

Your guy may seem cool and confident and never fish for praise, but underneath, he needs to know you appreciate him and like who he is

The best way to compliment a man

Be specific with your compliment. For example, I like the color of your eyes

Say it with a sincere mind. Let him know that the compliment is nothing but the truth

Find out what matters to him most. When you know this and your compliment will score the highest mark because that compliment gladdens his heart.

Compliment on those little things he didn’t care about but a good trait. Let him be aware of how much you like those things that you love about him.

Be time conscious. Avoid complimenting him at the wrong time. It’s good you want to give a compliment, but give it at a right time. There is time for everything.

Let him know how he makes you feel. Tell him how much you love and care for him. It’s another way of increasing intimacy and romance in your relationship.

Are you looking for great romantic compliments that will make him feel like a hero?

Different ways to compliment a man will go straight to his bone and marrow.

How to compliment a man on the way he looks?

Everyone likes to get a nice compliment on their look, men, women, and even children. We all enjoy and want to hear that. Men, in particular, will like to hear baby you look great and fantastic.

When you’re specific in your compliments the more important it becomes. For example, that black trousers look great on you. I like how you combine the shirt with the tie, wow, it’s lovely and amazing.

How to compliment a man sexually?

When you compliment a man on his sexual performance, it makes him happy and always turns him on to make love with you. It helps to increase intimacy. You can also let him know that particular style you’ve enjoyed most. It brings out his inner man.

He’s your man, feel free to tell him. It’s another way to initiate sex you know. When you comment on this, it makes him in good mood and increases your sexual intimacy.

Compliments such as:

You’ve handled me differently and I like it.

I love the way you’re taking me into places.

Talking about how much you’ve enjoyed the last time you spent together. Let him know he has been in your thought 24/7. It’s romantic and healthy in a relationship

Tell him that being with him has greatly improved your sex life and helped you to bond more together. 30 Ways On How To Compliment A Guy.

How to compliment a man over text?

Words are powerful and are always appreciated when you sent a romantic word to your man. There are some types of compliments a man love to read from his wife/partner.

Men generally love when they receive compliments about their work, personality, character, and how caring they are. It’s mind-blowing for them.

Learn to compliment the good qualities you adore most and tell him at least once daily.

Here are some wonderful compliments that will melt his heart.

Best Romantic Compliments you can give your husband

30 Ways On How To Compliment A Guy.

1. You look good always, every time I open my eyes to see you.

When you’re telling your man this always, it will gladden his heart and feel appreciated.

2. This color really looks great on you my handsome

It shows him that you pay attention to all his details. He will never leave you.

3. I like your eyes, they’re beautiful

Most men appreciate this unique compliment. They’re like magic words

4. You look handsome

This is one of the best compliments that men like most. He will look at himself again to check it out and make himself feel good.

5. You have a great taste for clothes.

This shirt looks nice and fits you perfectly. Do you know that it’s not every man that has a good selection as you do? You’re a model and it will make him smile at you.

6. Looking at you alone makes me smile

Do you know that mere staring at you in the morning makes my day?

7. I see love, humor, brilliance, and a clever man when I look into your eyes.

You’re such an exceptional man. That is what every man wants to hear.

8. You smell nice

I like your odor. It will bring him closer to you.

9. Your smile is what I like most, it melts my heart

You always brighten my day with your smile. When you’re smiling at each other, it’s a way to happiness.

10. Even after shaving, you’re still handsome

It is difficult to resist you my own. You look cute.

11. Whatever you’re doing that makes you look good, don’t stop it.

12. You look so charming and adorable.

I feel like giving you a kiss when I look at your picture.

13. Your haircut is very nice.

It makes you look younger and sexy.

14. You’re very attractive

Everyone is just eyeing you because your appearance looks attractive.

15. I love the way you talk.

When you open your mouth to talk, you talk with wisdom.

Best Ways to compliment his personality from 30 Ways On How To Compliment A Guy.

16. I love the way you think always.

When you tell him this, you’re rewarding your partner for how they think especially how they solve problems in your relationship.

17. You always know what to say

I’m feeling great about your discerning words of wisdom.

18. You are a great and incredible father

Every father loves to hear this, that you appreciate and recognize his fathering skills and care for the children. It increases their mood and wants them to be better. Every time I tell my husband this, he’s happy and gladdens his heart, especially in the presence of his children. It increases the father and children relationship.

19. I love you just the way you are

This is one of the best gifts you can give him. It shows your true love and you have accepted everything about him. It’s a unique tip for a stronger and long-lasting relationship. When he knows that you accept him totally, it’s a guarantee of a successful and happy relationship.

20. You are such a good cook

Some men want to help and contribute the little way they can in the kitchen. When you compliment their cooking, it’s like you’re inspiring them to do more. It gives them assurance and boldness, even seeing it as an achievement. My husband is a great cook, anytime he cooks. He will ask me to rate his food and feel good and gives him joy when I comment. This started right from our courtship days till now.

21. I like the way you fix things in the house

When you compliment him on the broken things he fixes in the house, you’re helping him to improve his skills. You’re such a home manager because we’ve saved some money on that repair. You’re a good man. Men love to be praised even though they didn’t want to show it.

22. You’re a good listener

Telling him that you appreciate him for always caring to listen when you need someone to talk to. It shows that you value and recognize his presence in your life. It helps him to connect better with you. 30 Ways On How To Compliment A Guy.

23. I like you because you’re hard-working

When you comment that he’s doing well and great at his work. It boosts his confidence and energizes him. It will help him to work harder and take his work higher.

24. I’m happy and lucky to have you

Do you know that this can mean a lot to your man? I’m happy that you’re mine. It shows that you trust him.

25. You’re very current

When you compliment your man on how knowledgable he is make him feel good about himself. When you’re talking about his hobby for example sport, politics, history, etc. It makes him feel he’s is a genius. Every man enjoys that compliment about their good traits.

26. You are very thoughtful

It’s very important to tell your man when he’s doing something you’re least expecting. It will make him do more. Sometimes you may think he didn’t remember what you’ve discussed a long time ago, and suddenly you get what you want. It’s worth commending and making him feel cool and appreciated.

27. You have a good heart

When you tell him about himself makes him feel great. You’re telling him how good he is to you and even to other people around him. You’re building him up and helping him to relate better with other people in his world.

28. I love the way you take the lead

Any time you comment on his leadership gives him joy that you recognize him being the head and the man of the house. Generally, men love that. It shows you value and cherish their decision and prioritize them.

29. You handled that situation very well

It helps him to believe more in himself. Wow, your reaction to the issue is incredible. I’m very proud of you.

30. I feel safe and secure with you

Men like to hear that their wives or partner feel safe. It gives them joy and fulfillment that they’re able to protect their partners. 30 Ways On How To Compliment A Guy.

When you compliment your man always, it’s good and enhances happiness in your marriage or relationship. The more you appreciate each other, the better and stronger your relationship will become. So learn to praise him, mean it and let him know it comes from your heart.

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