12 Ways On How To Know You Love Someone

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The feeling of falling in love is one of the best things that can happen to someone. But the way people fall in love is quite different. When you’re just a friend with someone, the feeling is casual but when romantic feelings set in, this is hard to explain. It’s like somebody that is drunk when you begin to fall in love. The feeling will be pushing you to do the unusual thing. 12 ways how to know you’re in love with someone cannot be underestimated.

Many people fall in love without a clear signal because it just happened whereas, for some people, you will see clearly the sign that something is changing gradually from being platonic to romantic. Meanwhile, it’s very important to recognize when that happens so that you will know if that’s what you actually want or not.

It will also help you so that you don’t fall in love with the wrong person.

Generally, there are some basic things that happen when emotional feelings come.

Do you think you’re falling in love? Are you in love with him/her and can’t really say? You cannot differentiate between platonic feelings and romantic feelings.

Here are some signs to tell show you’re in love.

Signs of falling in love

Always thinking about them

It’s an indication that you love someone when they’re always in your thought. You cannot just help it because you keep on thinking about them. You’re in love. You can even begin to dream about the future together. Any time you’re alone, nothing comes to your mind except his/her thought. If you’re looking at their pictures or messages times without numbers then it’s very clear that you’re falling in love with that person.

Enjoy celebrating traditions together

When you cannot celebrate anything without inviting him/her to your family. For example, at Christmas, Easter, or whatever, you’re always together. You’ve introduced them to members of your family because they’re always around. It’s a sign you’re falling in love with each other. Since you start to enjoy all these traditions together. Even each other’s birthday. Deep inside you, you can see you’re falling in love gradually.

You recognize and like his/her body odor

Pheromones play a vital role when it comes to attraction says licensed clinical social worker Ashley Starwood. You will never border whether he/she did not smell good when you begin to accept the horrible odor, something you will never take from anyone under normal conditions. It shows you’re falling in love. It’s like your body is already adjusting to theirs and you’re feeling comfortable even when they didn’t bathe for days.

You Enjoy Each Others Company No Matter What

Whichever way, you get to enjoy each other and have fun. When you go out together and if something goes wrong, you’re still ok with it. You will never be angry or annoyed for things that didn’t go the way you want them. You’re in love. It’s a clear sign that you start to adapt to situations together and see things in a mature way. That’s the power of falling in love with someone.

Relationship therapist and host of E!’s Famously Single Darcy Sterling, Ph.D., says being “able to have fun when shit goes wrong,” points to a deeper connection that could be the real deal.

You’re interested in their love language

When you know your partner’s love language, it helps you to do your best for your lover. Because it’s healthy for building a long and stronger relationship. It makes you know what they love most.

Certified life coach and therapist KeVonya Webb-Riley says if you’re eager to learn their love language, you might be feeling more than a crush because “even though you find joy in doing things for them, you want to do the things that they absolutely love.

It’s also a signal that you’re falling in love when you always want to do things correctly the way they want them. If you’re conscious of his/her feelings even before doing things for them because you want them to feel great, also, you’re in love.

See them as a priority

When you begin to fall in love with someone, unconsciously you want to see that their needs are met. When you start to prioritize their needs even before your own, it shows that you’re in love. You pay attention to every little thing they like, for example, you plan to do some laundry for yourself but suddenly you remember he needs some item.

You first make sure you help them out before attending to your own personal needs. It’s a sign you are falling with him/her. When you’re starting to fall for someone, you want them to feel prioritized,” says licensed LGBTQ+ marriage and family therapist Adrienne Michelle.

Priority plays a key role in a relationship. It enhances intimacy and solidifies bonds between couples. When you always want them to feel special and treat them in a different way than what a friend will do, you’re in love.

Want to know how they wake up and sleep

When you’re falling in love with someone, you want to know everything about them. How, when, and where they sleep becomes important to you. This shows that you really care for them more than being an ordinary friend. If you’re having this feeling often, you’ve moved from platonic to a romantic affair and you can’t explain it.

You will be asking him some questions that you don’t even plan for. it’s not you but that’s the love speaking.

When you’re jealous

Do you become jealous when you see him/her with another person? Do you feel uncomfortable and eager to know why are they talking for so long? It’s a sign that you love that person and you’re falling in love. Because love and jealousy go hand in hand. When you cannot hide your feelings, most especially when you’ve developed a true love for that person. Before you know it, you’re jealous and become overprotective.

You’re not afraid to try new things with them

For you to know if you’re falling in love with someone, there are some things you don’t like for example, a particular food. But just because of them, you want to try it even though it’s not in your menu list. Gradually your start to enjoy the food. Do you know that it is the person you’re falling in love with not actually the food?

This is because since you’re falling in love, sometimes makes it easy for you to like and enjoy whatever they like as well. That’s the power of love. You become tolerant and accept some of their cultures.

When you encourage each other

When you start to encourage each other in a positive way about future life and desire, its shows you’re falling in love together. If you see yourself always standing in the gap to let him/her know they can do better. When you’re given advice that will help them to achieve their goals in life. It shows you’re interested in their lives and you care. It’s a sign you’re in love and you wish them well. If their word of advice gives you strength and hope.

You appreciate their opinion

If you’re always asking them for their opinion on a personal issue. You might be in love. Because normally you use to take your decision without waiting for anyone before. But now when you begin to consider their opinion it shows that you value them and they start to have a space in your heart.

When you’re asking them for advice on your future plan, for example, you want to choose a course or buy a car. You always appreciate their suggestion and their opinion counts and matter to you. You’re falling for them.

You feel comfortable when you’re together

You can actually not do anything without asking them, it’s a clear sign, that you’re in love. You want to go to a party and ask which type of dress do they think you should wear. When you feel free and comfortable asking them anything. You become so open and don’t hide any secret from them. Also, if you can invite them over to your place many times and you’re not tired of their company. You’re falling in love.

When you notice some of these signs, you’re truly in love with that person. Falling in love with someone is a wonderful feeling that gladdens the heart. Since love comes with feeling and when it comes, embrace it.

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