8 Reasons Why Relationships Fail And How To Avoid It

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Everyone wants to marry a good person and desires to have a good and long-lasting relationship or marriage. But unfortunately, it is not so for some people because something happens along the way that ends the relationship. A lot of couples always ask this question, why is my relationship not working? I have tried my best and my original wish is to have a romantic and healthy home. Therefore, these 8 reasons why relationships fail and how to avoid them are quite necessary.

What are the major factors that contribute to the failure of a relationship?

Couples are different in so many ways, so what works for A might not be the same for B. There are so many causes but here are the most frequent reasons why most marriages or relationships fail.

Money Issue

This is the most common problem in any relationship, but how you handle it will either make your relationship or destroy it. It does not matter how long you’ve been in a relationship when it comes to money. We deal with money every day and money is one of the most important elements that we cannot but need in a home.

It brings about psychological needs and it’s directly attached to safety, security, power control, and everything in life. Even the success and survival of a relationship are hanging on money. When the issue is not properly handled, can cause a major setback and lead to a breakup and even divorce.

Trust issues

When we talk about trust issues in marriage or relationships, it’s not only infidelity alone. Trust can be broken in so many ways. For example, emotional infidelity, physical and sexual infidelity, possessiveness, lack of reliability, jealousy, and dependability. Lack of emotional support, lack of financial compatibility, and much more. All these are directly related and affect trust in a relationship.

We all know the importance of trust in a relationship, it’s the pillar that holds any home. When the trust is broken, it affects everything in that relationship.

If you’re facing a trust issue in your relationship, try to figure out the causes and find the solution. It’s one of the major keys to the success of any relationship, otherwise the most common reason why a relationship fails suddenly.

When expectations are not met

People entered into a relationship with different ideas and high expectations. Also when all those things that brought them together at the beginning are no longer visible. The couple begins to move away from each other if their expectations are far from what they want. For example, sexual passion, socio-economic background, physical attraction, common interests, connections, and even personality.

For such couples, when their needs are not met, love and affection diminish and make their relationship collapse. The elements that frequently draw two people toward one another at the beginning of a relationship—physical attraction, sexual passion, common interests, personality connections, and socio-economic backgrounds—often become less central as the realities and demands of day-to-day life set in. 

Selfish Interest

This is another reason why a relationship fails. In the beginning, couples see themselves as one, doing everything together. But as time goes on when one of the couples is pursuing his/her own agenda and life interest. When you’re hearing at a point, is this what I want instead of What do we want? This can break the trust they have together and end the relationship. 8 Reasons Why Relationships Fail And How To Avoid It.

Lack of affection

Do you still see him/her as the right person like in the beginning? Are you doubting him/her now? Are you struggling with commitments in your relationship instead of cooperation? Do you still love him/her as before? When you’re in this stage in your relationship, it shows that things are not going well and the relationship is on the verge of breaking up. These are some of the common reasons why relationships fail when the emotional feeling is gone.

Are you still attracted to each other? Has the fire of romance dimmed or completely gone? They are frequent reasons why relationships collapse suddenly.

Order of Priorities

Do you know that everyone has something they value most in life? When we bring that idea to a relationship, your partner has different priorities and expectations. Some people see their family (mother, father, and brothers) as their priority over anything. While some consider their children as their priority, others’ priority is their job and career.

Many people with different ideas, but when people prioritize anything more than their romantic relationships or marriage, of course, it will be greatly affected. This is because what you prioritize most takes the biggest space in your heart. Priority is one of the keys to a blissful and successful relationship, and when something else comes as a hindrance, the relationship suffers and collapses.

Growing at a different speed

This happens a lot when one of the couples is aspiring higher in his/her career and acquiring skills and the other does not care and is stagnant. This may be the reason why they are moving away from each other. It will come to a stage when they will think they’re no longer compatible.

Meanwhile, their professional and social circles become different and they may not see themselves as one again. They’re physically, emotionally, and socially not at the same pace which are the reasons for falling in their relationship.


We cannot but talk about communication, because it plays a huge role in the success of any relationship/marriage. Poor communication is one of the major reasons for a breakup or divorce. When one of the couples is disrespectful in his/her communication. Such as criticizing, judgemental, and sarcasm, all are products of poor communication.

This is referred to as contempt in communication, it makes you be tough on your partner but soft on the issue. All the words that are coming from your mouth are negative and destructive. Contempt communication ruins a good, stronger, and romantic relationship because it destroys like a bomb. 8 Reasons Why Relationships Fail And How To Avoid It.


When one of the partners has some abusive habits, it can cause failure in the relationship. For example, sexual addiction can destroy a relationship. Some other life habits of abuse can put a hold on a relationship, such as alcohol addiction, and gambling. All these are some of the common reasons why relationships fail. Maybe at the beginning, one of the couples is doing it secretly and the other finds out later. It could be so painful experience to find out about such a bad habit.

Reasons why relationships fail

How to avoid failure in a relationship?

About the money issue, discuss with each other who is taking care of what. Always bring to the table any time there is a financial need. Learn to agree on a major project when it arises. Both partners should be faithful in their finances.

When you’re transparent in your spending, your partner will not feel cheated. When you’re loyal and open to your partner. You can easily avoid money issues that are always tearing couples apart.

Trust solution

Whatever type of trust issues that you may have, honesty is an antidote to any lack of trust. Both couples will feel safe and secure when there is unity and solid trust in the relationship. Trust is the foundation of a healthy and long-lasting marriage, so be faithful to each other, and failure will be averted.

You need to learn and understand that nothing remains forever so also do our expectations. Try not to expect too much from your partner, because the reality of life can come in a way no one expected. You just need to adjust and be realistic with your demand. Remember you can never have all that you want in life, that’s the reality. Because you will always want more and never be satisfied.

If you don’t want your relationship to experience failure, keep your expectations low and you will be happy with your partner. 8 Reasons Why Relationships Fail And How To Avoid It.

Pursue same interest

You will avoid failure in your relationship when you have a common interest and you will achieve your goals together. Selfishness should be completely erased if you desire a long and lasting relationship. You should see your partner as yourself because two are better than one.


Never put anything over your relationship. Prioritize your partner, and let him/her feel special it’s healthy for your relationship and you will both be happy and you will never experience a breakup.

Grow together

When there is genuine love, you will make sure you don’t leave your partner behind. See that his/her progress is yours. You need to help and encourage each other when it comes to growth. When you’re on the same pace, it’s good for both and you’re there to support and lift your partner.

Keep the fire of romance burning

To avoid sudden failure in a relationship, couples need to always keep the fire burning. Keep dating each other, most especially, intimacy is key to the sustainability of a relationship. It helps your love to grow and it’s healthy for a long-lasting relationship. You must be attractive and sensitive to the physical, emotional, and sexual needs of your partner.


Communication is key to a healthy relationship. Avoid contemptuous communication, try to communicate with your partner with respect. When you show respect, you will get respect in return. You can avoid failure when you’re always positive in your communication.

Failure in a relationship or marriage can be avoided if the couple can maturely address some of the issues. That’s where good communication comes in. Talk about it and settle it amicably. It may take some days, I can assure you, it’s normal. Do you know that many couples have had the same problems at one point? But they’re still together.

Learn how to communicate effectively with your partner and the manner of approach matters. Good communication plays a major role in a relationship.

Because you can not run away from problems in your relationship/marriage, It helps you to bond and enhance intimacy. They’re part of what makes our relationship stronger and healthier.

You will disagree to agree, and remember there is no perfect relationship, elsewhere. Avoid unnecessary arguments, Just learn to adapt and make your relationship work.


This can be difficult to handle, but if the affected partner is ready to change, seek help if necessary and leave all these habits. Then the relationship can be saved from destruction. Also if the other partner is ready to let go and forgive. It’s a tough situation but it requires mutual understanding to make it work.

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