How To Build Trust In Marriage/Relationship

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Trust is the starting point and the fundamental ingredient for a successful marriage or relationship. It takes time to build it and requires a lot of effort and determination. It is not automatic but it can be earned. 13 ways on how to build trust in marriage/relationship are highly recommended.

When a home is built on trust, it makes the journey of marriage easier for both couples. Such a relationship will stand even in times of trouble. Couples must be faithful and trust each other completely. Trust is paramount and is a key to a blissful and long-lasting relationship.

The foundation of any marriage/relationship must be very solid because that’s what you will need to be building upon. Any marriage or relationship built on a false foundation will hit a rock along the way. Just like you want to build a high story building if the foundation is not well done, the proposed story building will collapse. This is also applied to trust in a marriage or relationship.

Importance of trust in a marriage/relationship

It is what connects two people in a relationship. It has been the most essential cement that solidifies any marriage. It makes the couple feel secure with each other and gives hope that your partner will not leave you in a difficult moment. It promotes unity in marriage or relationships. Trust make it possible to have confidence in your partner. It helps you to rely completely on each other because trust is the backbone of love.

It helps you to forgive your partner and give assurance in a time of trial. Because no marriage or relationship does not have its trial period. Trust helps to remove fear and insecurity, and it eradicates suspiciousness.

It takes time to trust someone completely. Do you know that the trust you have built over the years can be destroyed in less than a few minutes? That shows how powerful and delicate trust can be.

Trust is one of the most important elements for a healthy and strong marriage or relationship. Once it’s broken, oftentimes it’s very difficult to build it again. But it is possible if the couple is willing to pay the price together. However, it takes a longer time to trust with patience, love, and tolerance. You can achieve your aim. This is not only applicable between lovers alone, but also to friends and families, colleagues, and even business associates. Trust is inevitable.

Have you been betrayed by your partner? Do you think you can never trust him/her again?

It can be rebuilt again if you’re both willing and committed to each other like before. There is absolutely nothing that love can not repair.

Here are some tips that can help you on how to build or rebuild trust in your marriage/relationship.

How to build trust

Let Your partner know you by your word

Avoid making empty promises. Be a man of your word. Don’t make a promise that you know you cannot fulfill. Some men, in particular, make fake promises to their partners in a specific situation. Why should you commit yourself when you know it’s not true? When you do this several times and nothing is done, she will never believe or trust you again. Be sincere in what you’re saying.

So be real to yourself and think twice before making unrealistic promises. Don’t raise her hope and expectation for nothing because it’s a betrayal of trust. Anytime you say anything like that, she can’t trust you for a moment. So be careful with what is coming out of your mouth. You can build solid trust with your mouth and at the same time, you can destroy that trust again with your mouth. Your mouth is a powerful agent of trust.

Avoid telling lies constantly

To build trust in your marriage, stop telling lies to each other. Call spade a spade. When is black, is black, avoid saying it’s blue-black. When your partner can not guarantee a single word from you. It will be difficult for him/her to trust you in that relationship. Even in a hard situation, always tell the truth. Even though you will feel embarrassed is better than losing your lover because of a cover-up. Lies are the killer and destroyer of marriage or relationships.

Be Clear with what you say

Good communication is another way of building trust with your partner. Let what you say match your action. Your partner can misunderstand what you mean when your message is not clear. Poor communication can lead to a break in the relationship and cause a major setback in your marriage. When you agree on something, don’t change your words suddenly or try to play smart. It’s a bridge of trust and can affect your marriage negatively.

Moreover when you’ve committed yourself to address an issue, follow it up instead of looking for a way to turn it down.

Trusting someone is a risk because anything can happen with the plan. It makes the two of you prove your trustworthiness to one another. The trust you have in each other will remove the risk and fear as you grow in your marriage or relationship.

Know that trust is a gradual process

When you know that it takes time to build trust with your partner, you will not be anxious about the quick results. For you to earn trust, it requires patience. As an adage says a house does not build in a day so also trust in a marriage or relationship. Building trust with your partner is a daily commitment and it’s a continuous thing that must not stop. You’re building trust with your attitude and lifestyle. The way you relate with each other from time to time increases your trust to grow. It’s like building a house, taking one step after the other.

Keep your expectations very low so that you will not be disappointed while you’re building trust. Learn to start with a little commitment, taking a small step at a time. It will be easy for you to commit more and rely on each other as you take your relationship higher. When you sow trust, then you will reap trust. Trust plays a very crucial role in a marriage or relationship. We can simply say, that the equation of any marriage/relationship is not balanced without trust.

Avoid exaggeration

This can affect your trust when you’re always exaggerating. Learn to see things the way they are. Don’t add more or remove from it. Exaggeration will make other people lose interest in whatever you’re saying. You can lose your dignity and respect by exaggerating. Your partner may not take your word seriously and this can affect your marriage or relationship.

Think twice before making a decision

Don’t commit yourself to what is not convenient for you. Avoid agreeing on what can jeopardize your trust. Be bold enough to say no and follow your conscience rather than do something that will rob you of your peace and lose your trust. Even if it takes you to offend someone. When you disagree on something, say it loud and clear. It’s not a crime to say no or reject an offer. Let your partner know your stand about something, when you’re not there, they can defend you. He/she can say, I trust my partner because you have proved yourself to be trustworthy.

However, be passionate about how you build trust with your partner. It requires dedication and determination. Trust is like cement that holds the block of your marriage. Don’t rush to make a decision and always think before you act. This is the best way to build a long-lasting marriage or relationship.

Appreciate your partner

To build solid trust with your partner, appreciation plays a role. Avoid taking him/her for granted. Value what you have and it helps to maintain a good relationship and bond more. Constant and consistency are products of trust. When your partner is always there for you through thick or thin, it’s a sign of trust. Let your partner know you will always be there consistently for them in any circumstances, is another way of building trust.

Open Conversation

Always be active when you’re having a conversation with your partner. Do you know that you can be present there but your mind is far away? When you are willing and participate actively in the dialog with your partner shows a sign of respect and builds trust at the same time. Your response and body language speak volumes. When you show tremendous contributions towards your partner’s achievement, it’s another opportunity to build trust.

Let your partner know that you respect their wishes and trust them wholeheartedly. Always consider what they say by listening actively and showing interest. Give a piece of reasonable advice and show your support and willingness to build your marriage or relationship together.

Be Loyal and honest

Truth should be your watchtower. Always say the truth because nothing is hidden. It will be very shameful if your partner finds out that you’re lying about something. It will destroy your intimacy. Loyalty is a pathway to trustworthiness. When you’re loyal to your partner, it generates trust.

Ready to help others

Giving helping hands to others no matter how little it may be, builds trust. When you’re doing this constantly. It helps your partner to trust you more. It enhances security and responsibility. Those little things we do to bring others up build our trust better.

Express your feelings

Another effective way to build trust with your partner is by showing how you feel emotionally. When your partner knows how lovely and caring you are, enhances trust.

Accept your mistake

When you accept your mistake and apologize to your partner, it shows that you’re honest and mature. Then it promotes trust and strengthens your relationship. It makes your partner trust you since he/she knows that, anyone can make mistakes but to cover it up can cause harm in your marriage and make them lose trust in you.

Don’t be too greedy

Do you know that being greedy and selfish destroys trust? When you’re thinking about yourself alone. It’s not good for a healthy marriage. If you want to build better trust with your partner, you must be generous to him/her in everything. Always be ready to give and balance the equation. Don’t be receiving all the time, learn to exchange love in giving no matter how little they are.

You cannot build a strong and healthy relationship without trust. We can remember how we feel if someone breaks our trust. So in dealing with your partner and other people, building solid trust is highly needed.

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