Tips On How To Make A Man Miss You

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When it comes to love affairs, women generally want their men to feel that they miss something when they are not around. You can not tell if your husband/boyfriend will do the same. But there are some tips that you need to know that will make him do that just as you wish. Tips on how to make a man miss you will shock you how he will be crazy for your love when you’re not around.

Advantage of making him miss you

There are lots of advantages when you make your man miss you. He will appreciate every little time you spend together and love you more. He will make him desire to have you with him all the time. You’re sure of getting his attention when you need him most. These are the psychological reasons why women want their men to miss them badly.

But not everyone knows how to make someone miss them especially, their men. It’s easy for him to show his feeling when you’re with him. How about when you’re far away? So making him miss you then is what we’re talking about.


Here are some questions many ladies have in mind. Does he really know that I’m not around? Does he really feel my absence? Am I the one that’s always texting or calling him? Now you want to see if he truly loves you by showing some feelings when you’re not physically present. What you want is to let him realize how much he needs and wants you by showing it through his emotional feelings.

Do you want your man to miss you and you don’t know how?

There are so many ways to make him miss your absence and desire you more.

Reduce Contact

If you want your man to miss you, you have to limit the contact. Maybe you’re the one that is calling or sending messages often. Give him a break for a dag or two by not sending to him. He will go crazy and think about what has he done, he will be troubled and think maybe he has offended you. He will look for all means to reach you. It’s one of the tricks to make a man miss you. You can really see he has suffered for not hearing or reading from you for that short time.

Do you know that you can make him miss you when he’s out with his friends? Even though you have given him his space to enjoy his freedom. He can not wait to come back and meet you. That is the whole idea of how to make him miss your absence. Having you in his thought always.

Let your ex miss you

Also, you can make him miss you after a misunderstanding or conflict. Do you know you can make your boyfriend miss you after a breakup? Cut off all the contact he has to reach you. Let him know how much he has lost the most beautiful baby. By doing this you make him want you back or even the guy you’re eyeing will miss you and fall flat for you.

Are you still interested in your ex?

If you can apply this.

When you use these no contact tips, it works like wonder, he will want you badly, even love you more like before. When you know that he misses you in your absence, the feeling is different and much better. One of the techniques that work the best when it comes to getting an ex back (or attracting a new partner) is the no contact rule. For your ex, this is when you cut all contact in order to make them want you back.

Use busy as an excuse

If you want your man to miss you, don’t be available all the time. Let him know sometimes that you’re busy. When he sends you messages, don’t respond immediately. Let him do some thinking. When you’re always expecting his messages or phone call. It means you’re the only one that is missing him. Give him also a chance for him to miss you like crazy. That’s the feeling we’re talking about.

After he must have waited for some time without hearing from you, and suddenly you replied. His heart will jump up for you. Baby where have you been?, then your response is I’m very busy. Now you make him miss you deliberately.

It’s one of the best tips for a healthy relationship.

Do not rush to respond

In order to avoid making mistakes, don’t rush to respond to his messages after receiving them. Take your time and relax, then you’re good to go. According to an expert Daniel Post Senning, author of Manners in a Digital World recommend 1-3 hours is enough, even though you don’t want to keep him on suspension for too long.

You need to try this most especially in a new relationship, he will miss you like hell.

Let him do the push

Men generally love to chase a woman they love when it comes to dating in a relationship. If he’s the one that makes the move, let him take the initiative. Don’t be too anxious to help him with his responsibility. When a man realizes this, he will always miss you anytime you’re not around.

When you allow him to make the move to chase after you, you will know if he’s ready to be committed to the relationship. Also, his level of interest in you can easily be rated.

Don’t be too easy to get

Most guys love and cherish a lady that gives them a tough time before they finally get her. Don’t let him feel you’re too cheap. How you make him feel about you matters, it will add more value to you and always be in his mind. There should be check and balance, even though you want to play tricks on him. You need to maintain your self-confidence and integrity whether you’re in the early stage or already in deep love.

Making a man miss you gives assurance

If you’re at the beginning of your relationship, this will give you a clue or assurance of whom your guy really is. You need to be wise enough and allow him to prove his seriousness to you before you go far and commit yourself to the relationship.

When you want a man to miss you, avoid being carried away so easily, build the relationship on a solid trust that you’re sure of. Don’t try to force anything on him, the love should be reciprocal. When he knows this, you’re in his thought 24/7.

Let no be your answer sometimes

Try to be unpredictable to your guy. Don’t always say yes to him if you want to make him miss you. Most men will take you for granted when you’re always available, while some tend to lose interest in you when you always accept their requests. So it’s good to say no sometimes in a relationship and even in marriage. It makes your man appreciate you when he’s least expected that you will say yes.

Do you know that you will look more beautiful and attractive in your man’s eyes? when you’re not accessible and a bit distant from him. That’s what some men want and it’s even healthy for a long-lasting relationship. So that you don’t face out.

Let him think life without you is meaningless

When you let a man knows that having you in his life is the best thing that can happen to him. The way you’re treating him, care for him, will make him feel that his life cannot be better with someone else except you. Making him miss you is very essential. Of course, you’ve proved with every reasonable doubt that you’re the best.

The reason why you need to make him miss you is you can also sure if he loves you the way you do. This will make him commit wholeheartedly with you in that relationship. He will always pursue you because you’re the only apple in his eyes. You will be loved and satisfied and this will strengthen your relationship both physically and emotionally.

Treat him like a hero when you spend time together

When you make a guy miss your absence, the feeling he will have for you will be stronger than what you imagine. Then you have the power to control his heart which enhances his deeper feelings and love you more. whenever you’re away, he will be asking you when are you coming. Because the emotional feeling is just too heavy for him to bear.

Always make sure that you spend quality time together, it’s not the number of hours that matters, but give him your best whenever you’re around him. He will always be hungry for your cuddling and presence. People say, out of sight is out of mind. But here, the reverse will be the case. You’re 100 % in his mind even when he’s not seeing you.

Let him miss you even in a Distance relationship

Do you know that you can make a man miss you even with your text messages? Oh yes, it depends on those sweet words and love quotes that will make his head swell up. By the time he’s reading your message, he’s salivating and missing you madly. Even sending some nice pictures, he will be looking at the picture every second that shows you’ve made him miss you.

This also works for married couples, when your husband travels, let him miss you with your text messages. You will be in his thought throughout the journey. Nothing will be in his mind other than how you will have a nice time together when he comes back. That’s the power of making someone miss you most especially the ruler of your world.

The aim is to be the mirror of his heart. You will surely see how the feeling of missing you will strengthen your relationship and catapult your love in his heart. The feelings also generate more attraction because he will always want more of you.

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How to make a man miss you

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