8 Reasons Why Women Cheat On Their Men

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It was an old belief that says only men are cheating on their women. But now in this modern generation, women are also cheating even though the rate is still lower than men. Meanwhile, many people find it unbelievable why should women cheat. Therefore it is good to know the 8 reasons why women cheat on their men.

There are a lot of things that constitute infidelity in this our digital world. For example, when some people look at pornography films, it makes them cheat. Even flirting with other men can also be referred to as cheating. Because there is online cheating aside from the physical cheating that we know.

Meanwhile, research suggests that 10 to 20 percent of men and women in marriages or other committed (monogamous) relationships will actively engage in sexual activity outside of their primary relationship. Many reasons have revealed it.

What is infidelity (cheating)

Psychology Today defines infidelity (cheating) as the breaking of trust that occurs when you keep profound, meaningful secrets from a committed primary partner.

I personally define it as having sexual intimacy with another person you’re not committed to in a relationship.

Consequences of cheating

When one of the partners cheats, there is a breach of trust. The most annoying there is the series of lies that are set in just to cover their deeds. The innocent partner is not aware of the secret. It’s the secrecy of the dishonest partner that injures the heart of the partner.

It brings a communication gap between the couple and of course, affects intimacy.

It has been revealed that women and men cheat for different reasons. I have posted on the best ways to stop your husband from cheating but now we want to look at the reasons why women cheat on their husbands/partners.

Since we know that infidelity is not what one can come out boldly and say, it always causes more harm when he or she finds out and the whole secret cannot be covered anymore.

So what are the main reasons behind women cheating?

Here are some of the reasons why women embark on a journey to cheat.

Feel not appreciated and abandoned

When they perceive that their partner didn’t appreciate them. They feel ignored and never valued as a wife/girlfriend. Rather than being seen as a baby factory, housekeeper, or as sex-machine. When a woman feels like she is just a financial source and never a co-partner in the relationship. She will look for somewhere else where she’s much appreciated and loved for who they are. It’s one out of the 8 reasons why women cheat on their men.

Reasons why women cheats

Women’s desire for intimacy is not there

They strive very well and feel loved and cherished when they’re naturally connected with their partner than being wanted alone to satisfy their sexual interest. Women love to bond more emotionally, to be able to play and communicate freely, joke and have fun with their partners. They like to build a happy home and create that social life they desire together with the man they love. When that emotional feeling and intimacy is not there, they can easily be taken as prey when someone else shows them that love outside.

When they feel lonely

Women engage in infidelity when they’re lonely. It is possible to feel lonely in a relationship and can be attributed to lots of reasons. Maybe their partner is doing long hours shifts, always travels, or coming home very late. Sometimes their partners are emotionally unstable, and not available for them when most needed. They may look for somewhere else to fill the gap.

This comes from an expert, women tell me, ‘I was lonely, not connected, I didn’t feel close to my partner, and I was taken for granted,'” marriage and family therapist Winifred Reilly says. “They say they wanted to have someone who would look into their eyes and make them feel sexy again.

No sexual satisfaction

A woman may seek sexual satisfaction somewhere else if she didn’t feel satisfied with her partner. Moreover, people always think that sex is only for men to enjoy, but it’s not true. Both men and women want to enjoy sex together. Women may step out if they’re not enjoying sex with their partner. It’s another tip from the 8 reasons why women cheat on their men.

When they’re not contented

When a woman expects her partner/husband to always meet all her needs irrespective of his income, there is every tendency that such a woman will step out of her relationship if her needs are not met. Especially if a woman is too materialistic and not content with what she has. Many women find themselves cheating because of the financial support they get from other men. They did it in order to meet up with their flamboyant lifestyle.

Always want to buy new things that are in trend. When a woman is living above her income, she will be vulnerable to cheating.

No attention and affection

If a woman feels that her partner didn’t have time for her, it makes her feel unwanted and taken for granted. When they see another man keeping their company with a little romance, they will definitely fall. Maybe a man has always given her gifts and she has never received such from her own partner. She may be carried away by that little gesture and fall into fornication. Because it’s lacking from her own relationship. Women generally love to seek attention and affection and when they didn’t get it, makes them vulnerable to infidelity somewhere else.

Doing it for revenge

This is another reason why some women step out of their marriages or relationships. When infidelity becomes their partner’s way of life and they’ve tried everything to stop them but all to no avail. When their men didn’t see anything wrong with it. They want their men to feel the same pain they’re feeling, they engage in extramarital affairs with other men. It eventually becomes a “do you and you me game”. Even though it’s not the best solution for their men to stop cheating. This is one of the excuses for the 8 reasons why women cheat on their men.

Sexual addiction

When a woman is always feeling the urge for sex, there is no way she will not cheat. Because the addiction will trigger her to have sex with just any man to satisfy her lust.

Cheating women did not realize the negative effect of their actions. Even though men also cheat. Whatever reason that makes anyone cheat on their partner is not justified. It can be very painful and embarrassing knowing that your partner cheats on you. It’s a trust betrayer and always difficult to get back the trust you’ve built over the years.

Not being faithful and keeping secrets of romantic affairs for your partner can be very devastating when they find out. If both couples are ready to talk about it and find a solution, the better. Seeking professional help is one of the best solutions.

Though cheating is very hurtful but shouldn’t be the end of the game if you’re both willing to work things out. It takes time to heal the wound and requires genuine repentance and forgiveness from both partners.

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