10 Signs of Lack Of Respect In A Relationship and How to solve it

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The most interesting and wonderful thing about marriage or a relationship is to be with someone who values and respects you. We all know the importance of respect in a marriage or relationship as one of the essential things that make marriage work. 10 signs of lack of respect in a relationship cannot be overlooked. Because many couples are suffering in their relationship because of the disrespect they’re getting from their spouses.

Even though there is no marriage that’s perfect but there should be a level where one needs to say no to a disrespectful partner. Everyone wants to be happy in his/her relationship, when what you’re facing every time has made you lose your happiness, then you need to do something about it. Because this issue of disrespect may sooner or later affect your relationship/marriage negatively.

Effect of Disrespect in a Relationship

A marriage that is built on solid trust, mutual respect, and good communication will always be peaceful and successful. There are lots of factors that play a huge role in marriage, but where any of these important keys are missing, especially respect, the future of such a home is shaking. Because it is the respect that you have for each other that will make you trust and have better communication with your partner.

It requires deliberate work and action in order for the marriage or relationship to continue to flourish. It’s very easy for either of the couples to take their partner for granted. This can happen earlier or later in a marriage or relationship. It can also be consciously or unconsciously actions that bring disrespect. That can have a negative impact on their partner’s feelings and emotions. The effect of disrespect can be huge, it can cause a lot of damage, separation, and even divorce between the couple.

What are the signs of lack of respect in a relationship

A disrespectful partner is always judging others, criticizing, ignoring, threatening, and cheating on their partner.

There are so many ways to know the signs of disrespect from a partner.

Keeping secret

Doing some things behind your partner and keeping them in total darkness is one of the signs of disrespect in a relationship. This can be so heartbreaking and very irritating when they get to know the secret. Someone that you value, you will never hide anything from them.

When you realize that your partner starts to keep things or you’re having the feeling that they’re hiding things from you in your marriage. It’s a sign of disrespect, it shows they don’t value you like they use to. There is a need to call his/her attention to this. The best solution is to discuss it with love so that you can know the reason why they do so and they can change.

Don’t want to introduce you

How did your partner treat you in front of his family and friends speaks volumes? An Adage says actions speak louder than voice. Anyway, someone that cherishes and respects you will be proud of you anywhere. If your partner is not interested to introduce you or value your presence. It could be maybe he/she forgets or it’s out of sight. But when it has become their habitual behavior, it’s a sign of disrespect in a relationship that needs urgent attention. 10 Signs of Lack Of Respect In A Relationship and how to solve it.

Open conversation and good communication are recommended. You may also want to consider their intention. How do they react when you express your feelings? Does he/she apologize and really sorry for their actions? But if they’re playing a defensive game and you’re not able to solve the issue otherwise you can seek help from the marriage/relationship therapist.

Only care for their needs

A good and healthy relationship is where couples respect, value, and put their partner’s needs first. It’s a sign of lack of respect when one of the couples have I don’t care attitude toward the other. When one of the couples is always concerned with their personal needs, and never borders with others, then there is a problem. One of the ways for a happy marriage is the ability of couples to care for each other’s needs and share a common interest.

When one of the couples is generous and the other is very stingy, one may feel like they’re being taken for granted. Because love is given and taken. But when you respect your partner, you’re ready to do anything and share even when you have only one thing.

Solutions also still lie in communication. When you feel you’re being taken for granted or perceive it as a lack of respect. Speak out your mind, don’t suffer in silence. You can resolve things amicably without a fight or else seek help.

Talk down on your friends and family

Anytime you want to talk about your friends and family and your partner is giving some dirty comments and talking rudely, it’s a sign of disrespect. Even though they may not necessarily get along with them, at least they should show a little respect for them. Most especially your family member and parent represent a big part of your life. A partner who does not respect your family will not likely respect you.

If you’re in a new relationship and you’re facing this, speak up and if possible, seek professional help from a relationship counselor. 10 Signs of Lack Of Respect In A Relationship and how to solve it.

They compare you with others

It’s not only in a relationship that disrespect is common, even among married couples. When one of the couples is comparing their partner with others. For example, some women do compare their men, saying since I’ve married you, you only give this amount for housekeeping while your mates are given so much, and you’re calling yourself a man.

There are some men also who are also saying to their wives, that the only thing you can give birth to are girls. Its shows that those couples never value or cherish their partner. Because when you respect your partner, you will be satisfied with whatever they can offer. Even in terms of children, you will understand that it’s not their fault to give birth to a particular sex.

The attitude of comparison is disrespectful in a relationship or marriage. When you’re hearing this from your partner often, please seek help from a counselor before it’s too late.

They don’t appreciate and celebrate your achievements

One might think what is the essence of being with someone that cannot celebrate your achievement? When one of the couples didn’t see the importance of what is going on in the life of their partner. Sometimes they cannot understand why things are always going well with their partner. It seems they didn’t see any big deal when you pass an exam or even get a promotion. All these attitudes are signs of a lack of respect in a relationship.

Someone that you respect and value, their joy should be your joy.

When this is happening in a relationship, it might be necessary to bring it up and find out the reason why they’re not happy for you. If this continues, it’s not healthy for your relationship. You need to find a solution. 10 Signs of Lack Of Respect In A Relationship and how to solve it.

Make you feel less

Any partner that constantly puts you down and makes you feel less important is not likely to respect you. Does he/she do that occasionally or often? Do you think it might be they’re tired or stressed? Do you think they don’t really mean it? You need a sincere answer to all these questions.

However, in any relationship, you can easily recognize your partner and know when they’re not in the right mood. If this happens when he/she is not in a mood or is having a bad moment. Their actions might be slightly considered when there is true love otherwise it’s a sign of disrespect for anyone to always look down on their partner instead of lifting them up. Even on a good day, it’s not right to drag your partner into the mud.

Talk about it and seek help if necessary. You need to let your partner know his/her worth and it’s healthy in a good relationship.

They are defamatory

A couple that doesn’t appreciate and value their partner will always give some defamatory comments either in their presence or behind their back. They often give comments that will belittle or damage their good reputation. Such comments can be very hurtful or devastating. They’re actually verbal abuse.

For example, when a partner says to the other referring them to look at another person that he/she is a human being like you and they don’t have two heads, what have done with your own brain? This can be very embarrassing in the public or even in private. It shows that you don’t worth anything or think that nothing good can come out of you, it’s a sign of disrespect.

When this is happening, it’s alarming and calls for attention because it can cause mental and emotional depression. 10 Signs of Lack Of Respect In A Relationship and how to solve it.

Never care about your feelings nor reason with you

It’s another sign of a lack of respect in a relationship if your partner doesn’t care about your feelings. When they don’t care about your mental well-being, never reason with you for once. If they cannot be there for you during the trial time, always says that you’re overreacting or what’s the big deal in what has happened to you.

Some may even say, you’re carrying the whole problem on your shoulder. Are you the only one having this kind of problem? Because they’ve never put themselves in your shoes to see how the situation is. It’s disrespectful and not healthy if a partner cannot give a word of encouragement during such a moment.

Also one can feel so bad if your partner is taking the side of someone who treated you badly. It’s a lack of respect even when it’s clear that it wasn’t your fault.

Emotional feeling matters and is a sensitive thing in a relationship, and when one partner cannot respect this, the behavior has to be gotten rid of, because it can easily ruin the relationship. If what your partner is always doing is against your feelings and wishes. You need help.

They break your boundaries

There is a limit to everything, so also in a relationship. One needs to set a boundary about what you can tolerate and what you can not accept from anyone and make it known to your partner. Boundaries need to be respected by both partners. It could be in any setting, between lovers or colleagues, when one of the parties breaking the boundaries is a sign of disrespect.

If one of the couples is saying something or making some jokes and the other is getting irritated and hurting his/her feelings, shows such a joke as to stop. They might see it as ordinary but you don’t like it and is hurtful.

Communicate it to your partner but When your partner didn’t see anything wrong in hurting your feelings, then is disrespectful and you should seek help for it. Because such behavior can have a negative impact on your relationship, especially your intimacy with your partner.

How does it start

Disrespect actually starts with little things when you’re asking your partner to keep their mouth shut when you’re talking. You can say it in a respectful way, honey please can I finish what I’m saying then you can come in. It also starts from home, when you disrespect your partner at home, it will be difficult to respect them in public.

Nobody loves to be embarrassed and disgraced, that’s what disrespect does in a relationship. One of the best ways to handle disrespect in a relationship is through effective communication between the couple. Always keep the line of communication open between you and it’s the best way to avoid disrespect from your partner. When you notice any of these signs, talk about it immediately before it gets out of hand, it helps.

Comes from both sides

Disrespect in marriage or a relationship can come from both sides because both couples are actively involved in whatever happens in the relationship. If a man respects his wife/partner, he will get respect back and vice versa. Lack of respect is one of the things that affect the progress and intimacy in a relationship while mutual respect is one of the best ingredients to a successful marriage.

Remember, the way respect can make the marriage work is the same way disrespect can destroy the marriage or relationship. So it is wise to respect each other in a relationship. It lets you accept and respect your partner’s differences and helps both maintain a balance in the relationship.

Signs of lack of respect in a relationship

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