23 Ways On How To Initiate Sex With Your Husband

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Marriage is a beautiful thing and God makes sex for couples to enjoy. Sex is an essential element that plays a huge role in strengthening marriage and enhancing intimacy. But mostly sex is being initiated by men all the time for ages. Men also expect their wives to initiate sex but here comes the challenge. 23 ways how to initiate sex with your husband are to educate women.

We are made to believe that women can not ask their partner for sex, it seems it’s taboo but it is not. That’s the way we were brought up. There is nothing to be ashamed of since he is your husband or partner and you want to do everything possible to satisfy him.

Sex brings intimacy

Moreover, one of the best ways to bond together is through sex. Sometimes men are also tired to ask every time. It has been proved that when a woman asks for sex from her husband, it shows you’re mature. When there is mutual understanding and love, you can ask him anything since he’s your spouse.

But many women are feeling shy to ask directly for sex and here are different ways you can ask your husband without feeling too desperate, embarrassed, or too cheap.

Moreover, it is easy when you’re both in the mood but what of when it’s only you that is in the mood and you want him like crazy? Do you know that when your partner is mad at you, that’s the time you should give him sex and that settles the matter?

Here are some ways to ask him for sex

Ways to ask for sex when your partner is angry with you.

You know those times when you don’t want to talk to each other and you’re avoiding one another? At the same time, you’re looking for a way to settle amicably and the best way is to find out how you can turn him/her on for sex by initiating it.

Do you know by the time you make a move, your partner already understands where you’re going?. So how to make a proper approach to sex in your relationship matters.

1. Prepare a special dinner

Have it at the back of your mind that tonight, you want to spoil your partner with your action. Make his/her favorite food with assorted drinks. Look for a very nice romantic song or movie that you both like. Let it be like a romantic date night. Do you know that he/she didn’t expect something like that, they will easily fall for you.

This is what we call true love in a relationship. Because each couple knows the best way to get their partner. By the time you finish your dinner, you’re already on his/her lap.

It’s a way to apologize and say sorry in an indirect form. It shows you’re deeply sober for what has happened and you want things back to normal. That’s the power of romance in a relationship if you genuinely love each other.

2. Embrace

This also works like magic. Someone that is angry and you just hug him/her suddenly. It’s a signal that you want him/her to smile and feel your emotions. After hugs, kisses will follow, then your eye contact speaks louder than voice, then you’re on your way to having sex together.

However, even if you’re not the one that makes them angry. Lying down together on the bed and trying to persuade them with those still voices, with massage, helps them to forget their problems and relax completely after sex.

3. Tender apology

The two most important elements in a relationship or marriage are sorry and apology. It takes just a second to say sorry and apologize for your wrong deeds. It can not but happen in a relationship, you will annoy each other, but it’s normal. Don’t be too stubborn to say sorry. Because it’s not healthy for a good relationship.

Now after your apology has been accepted, makeup sex follows. This one, you don’t need to plan it. It comes naturally between two mature couples. That’s the way to seal your apology letter, end of the story. You will be able to express your feelings after your partner has calmed down. All this is to rekindle the fire of romance and bring back your joy and intimacy. It’s one of the best tips from 23 ways on how to initiate sex with your husband

It helps both of you to come back to your first love again.

4. Ready to help

You want to know how this works! When your partner is angry and you want him/her to come over it soon. Because you don’t want that to continue. Try to listen and do what they want immediately without argument. Before they ask for help, you’ve done it. Someone that’s very sensitive will know that this is not normal, maybe you want something.

Even most men, when they want sex and their partner is busy doing something. You will see them doing what they don’t normally help to do. So rendering unexpected help is a way to ask your partner for sex by tricks. Because they want to be extraordinarily good so that they can win the heart of their partner for sex.

Like an adage says, if you want to go on dry land, you have to water the ground.

How to ask for sex from your husband

How to set your partner’s mood for sex

When you want to increase your partner’s mood during the day for sex.

Here are some tips.

5. Send him crazy messages.

When your partner receives some kind of naughty message from you during the day. Tell him how badly you’ve missed them will make them be salivating for sex when you both come home later in the day. 23 Ways On How To Initiate Sex With Your Husband

6. Sexy Photo

It’s a way of asking for sex. When you send a sexy photograph to your partner. He/she will immediately know what you have in mind.

While some good sex can occur naturally or spontaneously when partners are in the mood, other times one partner may not know if the other is feeling aroused, so they may ask for sex to see if they can initiate intercourse. Asking for sex is a normal and natural part of a healthy sexual relationship; it takes open communication, mutual empathy, and trust.

7. Kiss

When you kiss your partner softly and gently, it’s a sign that you want to make love with them.

8. Touch

You can touch your partner in the sensitive area to trigger their mood for sex, for example, the breast, nipples, neck, and waist. You already know where you can touch that will immediately turn them on and tell them you want sex.

9. Massage

During the massage, your touching hand and care will arouse your partner for sex.

10. Shower together

Invite your partner to take shower together, right there in the bathroom, you’re both ready for sex.

11. Sexy dress

There are some dresses that you can wear that immediately signal to your partner that you’re inviting them for sex. Also, trying to undress in front of your partner can turn them on for sex. Most couples can not resist each other’s nakedness. It’s another tip to ask for sex.

12. Put erotic film

If you want to turn on your partner for sex, you can put a film that has some sexy or erotic scenes and watch it together. This is one of the best ways to activate your partner’s interest in having sex with you. 23 Ways On How To Initiate Sex With Your Husband.

13. Get naked

When you sleep naked and call your partner inside the room, that’s one of the best ways. You should be accessible and available often, the more you are, a very easy tip to have sex.

14. Touch between the legs

As a woman, you can put your hand inside his trouser and play with your partner’s gun. Men love women who are free and know how to turn their men on aggressively for sex. Likewise, a man can put his finger inside her pant and play with his partner. That’s intimacy and this increases your sex life together.

15. Whisper to your partner

Do you know there are some things you will say to your partner’s ear that make him feel sexy? Be creative and add more fun to your sex life. You can have some unique code that only two of you understand. You just whisper those codes to his/her ears, they understand what you mean and on for sex.

16. Seduce

Yes, he’s your husband right, you can seduce him and enjoy intimacy together.

17. Invite with your eyes

You know your partner very well, there are some ways you look at your partner that will tell him you want him now. Eyes that say come and do. Learn to use all your senses to satisfy your partner sexually.

Compliments on its sexual performance

Do you know that when you compliment your man on his sexual performance of yesterday, it’s another way to initiate sex for today? He will be happy that you appreciate and enjoyed his past performance. He will be more than ready for another time. That compliment alone is enough to turn him on. It works like magic.

Erotic Sex language tips for women

These work when children or visitors are around. It’s only the two of you that understand the codes.

18. Can you take me on a journey without holding a string?

19. I will like you to take me to Jerusalem tonight without a flight.

20. Can you come and swim in my swimming pool tonight without getting wet?

21. I will like to have a deposit without a withdrawer

22. Do you want to pipe down tonight?

23. I will like to eat you raw tonight

It’s always better to know your partner’s love language and preference. This will help you to know how to get their mood ready for sex. When you learn to initiate sex, you’re igniting the fire of romance in your relationship or marriage. This is healthy for a long-lasting and blissful marriage because the importance of sex in any relationship can not be underestimated.

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